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The NBOME follows standards and best practices in assessment for scoring and reporting to ensure that COMVEX meets and maintains high assessment quality.

For COMVEX examinations, the number of items answered correctly (the raw score) is converted to a standard score for the purposes of reporting results and providing a pass-fail designation. Each test question contributes equally to the candidate’s score. The reported score is based on a standard score that takes into account the response to each question and the psychometric properties of the examination.

Although the passing requirements for COMVEX are established by the requesting or sponsoring state board and therefore are subject to variation, the NBOME reports a pass-fail score based on a minimum passing score value determined through a standard review process. A passing score for COMVEX is based solely on a candidate’s performance on the total examination, not on a candidate’s performance in individual content areas. Score reports also display a graphical representation of performance profiles that summarize strengths and weaknesses in relation to the examination blueprint.

COMVEX scores and performance profiles are released to the state board or authorized designee approximately 15 business days following administration of the examination.

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