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COMAT FBS Targeted

COMAT FBS Targeted exams assess students’ knowledge related to a particular discipline or body system. Administered exclusively by colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs), this targeted approach enables schools to dynamically customize their portfolio of exams to best meet evolving formative assessment needs.

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The COMAT FBS Targeted exams each have 62 items that must be completed within 1 hour and 30 minutes (examination time). A 5-minute tutorial is provided before each exam begins. Every examination in the COMAT FBS Targeted series has multiple forms, and all are psychometrically equivalent in content covered, level of difficulty, and reliability, allowing COMs to administer a given COMAT FBS Targeted exam multiple times per year.
COMAT FBS Targeted · Cardiovascular and Hematologic Systems
Topic %
Hematologic Systems 15–20%
Heart 20–25%
Vasculature 20–25%
Neurohumoral Reflex Control of Arterial Blood Pressure 15–20%
Integrated Thermoregulatory Control 3–5%
Pharmacologic Treatment of Cardiovascular and Hematologic Disorders and Dysfunctions 15–20%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Endocrine System and Metabolism
Topic %
Adrenal Cortical And Medullary Hormones 10–15%
Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis 10–15%
Parathyroid Gland 5–10%
Thyroid Gland 10–15%
Endocrine Pancreas 15–20%
Immunologic Responses And Autoimmune Disorders 5–10%
Bioenergetics And Metabolism 5–10%
Endocrine Function Of Adipose Tissue 5–10%
Pharmacologic Treatment Of Altered Endocrine Function 10–15%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Gastrointestinal System and Nutritional Health
Topic %
Microscopic and Gross Structure 10-15%
Embryology and Development 3-5%
Blood Supply of the Gut 3-5%
Immunological Responses and Autoimmune Disorders 5-10%
Infectious Diseases and Malignancies 15-20%
Cephalic Phase 5-10%
Neural and Hormonal Control Throughout the GI Tract 15-20%
Gastric and Intestinal Secretion, Digestion and Absorption 20-25%
Integrated Control of Satiety, Thirst, and Appetite 3-5%
Hepatobiliary Functions 3-5%
Nutritional Health 3-5%
Pharmacologic Treatment of GI System Disorders and Dysfunctions 15-20%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Genitourinary/Renal System
Topic %
Microscopic and Gross Structure of the Urinary System 4–8%
Embryology and Development 2–4%
Immunologic Responses and Autoimmune Disorders 8–12%
Infectious Diseases and Malignancies 4–8%
Bladder Function and Regulation 2–4%
Renal Function and Regulation 25–35%
Mechanisms of Acid-Base Regulation 30–35%
Pharmacologic Treatment of the Genitourinary and Renal System Disorders and Dysfunctions 10–15%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Human Development, Reproduction and Sexuality
Topic %
Female Reproduction 25–35%
Male Reproduction 5–10%
Stages of Growth and Development 5–10%
Genetics 20–25%
Human Sexual Response 5–10%
Pharmacologic and Environmental Influences on Growth and Development 20–25%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Integumentary System
Topic %
Microscopic and Gross Structure 10–15%
Embryology and Development 5–10%
Immunologic Responses and Autoimmune Disorders 10–15%
Infectious Diseases 40–50%
Physiological Functions of the Skin 10–15%
Pharmacologic Treatment of Integumentary System Disorders, Dysfunctions, and Infections 15–20%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Musculoskeletal System
Topic %
Microscopic and Gross Structure of Skeletal and Smooth Muscle 25–30%
Microscopic and Gross Structure of Bone 20–25%
Microscopic and Gross Structure of Joints 20–25%
Acute and Chronic Injuries, Disorders, and Diseases 10-20%
Pharmacology of the Musculoskeletal System and the Neuromuscular Junction 10–15%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Respiratory System
Topic %
Microscopic and Gross Structure 6–12%
Embryology and Development 4–6%
Immunologic Responses and Autoimmune Disorders 6–12%
Infectious Diseases and Malignancies 11–16%
Physiologic Function of Ventilation and Its Control 36–41%
Determinants of Respiratory Patterns and Control 6–12%
Causes of Hypoxemia and Hypercapnia 6–12%
Integrated Control of Respiratory Function 6–12%
Pharmacologic Treatment of Respiratory System Disorders and Dysfunction 11–16%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Biochemistry and Genetics
Topic %
Biomolecules, Cell and Molecular Biology 20–25%
Metabolism and Nutritional Biochemistry 25–30%
Human Genetics 20–25%
Cell Signaling 10-15%
Hematology 15-20%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Foundational Anatomical Sciences
Topic %
Head and Neck Anatomy 25–30%
Back and Extremity Anatomy 20–25%
Body Cavities Anatomy (Viscera) 25–30%
Histology/Development 20–25%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Foundational Neurosciences
Topic %
Microanatomy of CNS structures 5-8%
Meninges, Ventricles, CSF 5-8%
CNS Development 5-8%
Neuroplasticity 5-8%
Spinal Cord 10-15%
Brainstem 12-18%
Basal Ganglia 5-8%
Cerebellum 5-8%
Thalamus 5-8%
Hypothalamus 5-8%
Cerebrum 15-20%
Limbic Structures 5-8%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Microbiology and Immunology
Topic %
Bacteriology 25-30%
Virology 20-25%
Mycology/Parasitology 20-25%
Immunology 25-30%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Pharmacologic Principles and Concepts
Topic %
Basic Principles of Pharmacology 12-20%
Chemotherapeutic Agents 10-15%
Foundational Pharmacology of the Nervous System 15-22%
Foundational Cardiovascular, Renal, Pulmonary, Hematologic Pharmacology 15-22%
Foundational Pharmacology of the Endocrine System 10-15%
Foundational Pharmacology of the Gastrointestinal System 5-8%
Foundational Pharmacology of the Immune System 10-12%
COMAT FBS Targeted · Physiologic Basis of Health and Disease
Topic %
Cellular Physiology in Health and Disease 5-10%
Systems Physiology in Health and Disease 60-75%
Acid-base Regulation 5-10%
Reflex Control Mechanisms in Health and Disease 15-20%