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Distinctive subject examinations designed to assess core osteopathic medical knowledge.

A series of nationally standardized subject exams, COMAT exams are designed to assess osteopathic medical students’ knowledge in core osteopathic medical and foundational biomedical sciences principles.

A new learning tool for students to determine their readiness for COMAT Clinical Exams

Established in 2011, the COMAT exam suite is designed for standardized assessment in core osteopathic medical and foundational biomedical sciences knowledge and administered as end-of-course or clinical rotation assessments.

Presented in a style and format comparable to the COMLEX-USA examination series, COMAT exams can be flexibly and securely administered via web using computer or iPad.

Support from the NBOME

  • Security
  • Online resources
  • Proctor training and support
  • Sample questions
  • Technical support
  • Scheduling and registration
  • Score reporting

COMAT Features

Portfolio Management

Manage COMAT exams through a secure account used to track student progress across all NBOME assessments. Select the combination of COMAT exams that best meet COM needs and requirements, as well as the timetable to administer exams.




COMAT Research

The NBOME research team continues to conduct research on the validity of COMAT and its usefulness in preparing for COMLEX-USA:

COMAT Resources

To learn more or find out how to order or administer COMAT exams, including technical requirements, contact clientservices@nbome.org.