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The scope of clinical practice shown by the life-long learning model demonstrates the increasing sophistication in clinical knowledge and experience physicians use in making health care decisions.

As a further assessment point for many osteopathic physicians, COMVEX comprehensively evaluates the broad scope of unsupervised clinical practice.

Examination Structure · Dimensions 1 & 2

Dimension 1: includes seven competency domains, which comprise foundational abilities representing the required elements and outcomes that define knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes, values, behaviors, and established professional standards.

Dimension 1: Competency Domains Minimum %
1 Osteopathic Principles, Practice, and Manipulative Treatment 10%
2 Osteopathic Patient Care and Procedural Skills 40%
3 Application of Knowledge for Osteopathic Medical Practice 10%
4 Practice-Based Learning and Improvement in Osteopathic Medical Practice 8%
5 Interpersonal and Communication Skills in the Practice of Osteopathic Medicine 5%
6 Professionalism in the Practice of Osteopathic Medicine 7%
7 Systems-Based Practice in Osteopathic Medicine 7%

Dimension 2: includes ten clinical presentations, which represent the manner in which a particular patient, group of patients, or community present for osteopathic medical care.

Dimension 2: Clinical Presentations Minimum %
1 Community Health and Patient Presentations Related to Wellness 12%
2 Human Development, Reproduction, and Sexuality 5%
3 Endocrine System and Metabolism 5%
4 Nervous System and Mental Health 10%
5 Musculoskeletal System 13%
6 Genitourinary/Renal System and Breasts 5%
7 Gastrointestinal System and Nutritional Health 10%
8 Circulatory and Hematologic Systems 10%
9 Respiratory System 10%
10 Integumentary System 5%
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