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Welcome to the Road to DO Licensure, where your journey is unique and your practice distinctive. Here, you will find resources from other students, residents, and practicing physicians who have come before you and can help you navigate your way.

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You are embarking on one of the most important journeys of your life and one of the largest growth periods you will ever face. At the end of it, you will have achieved the honor of becoming a licensed osteopathic physician--providing the safe, effective, and competent care that patients deserve from DOs.

This path may come with challenges and stress, but it’s important to maintain a balance to avoid feelings like burnout, imposter syndrome, or loneliness. The Road to DO Licensure seeks to combat that by providing stories, tips, and advice from fellow students, residents, practicing physicians, and our experts here at the NBOME, who have traversed the same road ahead and want to see you succeed.

We encourage you to take a look around at the resources here that are intended to help you avoid any major potholes.

Candidate Wellness

Find mental and physical wellness tips from other DOs and students who have come before you. Learn how to develop your own coping tools while still juggling your busy schedule.

Myths & Misconceptions

What you hear from others isn't always the truth. We’ll help you get the facts straight on all things licensure-related, from the value of the COMLEX-USA credential to much more.

On the COM Trail

We visit each COM to meet with students, staff, and faculty to share what's new with the NBOME and COMLEX-USA, and to gain valuable feedback directly from you.

Stories from the Road

Read stories and hear advice from other osteopathic students, residents, or practicing physicians who have traveled the RTDOL.

Navigating GME

We’re here to help pave the way from UME to GME by advocating for and educating on the COMLEX-USA credential, and the osteopathic distinction.