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NBOME National Faculty

Critical to our mission of protecting the public, our dedicated National Faculty includes over 850 active members from across the nation. These thought leaders have diverse expertise across osteopathic health professions and specialties, osteopathic medical education and assessment, and osteopathic physician licensure and regulation.

National Faculty Activities

  • Review the COMLEX-USA Master Blueprint
  • Write and review test items, cases, and rationales to ensure quality and fairness
  • Assist in recruiting residents and newly practicing physicians
  • Contribute to online learning modules
  • Serve on Board and operational committees
  • Develop into National Faculty leadership roles

Benefits of Participation

  • CME credits through the AOA for status 1A and 1B activities
  • Letters of scholarly activity provided for promotion and tenure
  • Acknowledgement in the NBOME Annual Report
  • Opportunities to grow and expand your professional network

Resources and Training

To assist our item writers in ensuring the highest-quality test items, the NBOME provides an introductory training course in the NBOME Learning Center free of charge to all National Faculty members. All NBOME National Faculty are encouraged to complete Item Writing 101: Multiple-Choice Items with Realistic Clinical Scenarios.

There are other valuable learning modules available for National Faculty members to access in our Learning Center.

The NBOME has made a public version of its Mindful Language Guide available. The guide is meant to assist National Faculty members in considering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into NBOME assessments when writing or editing test questions.

Available Opportunities

Item Writers. The NBOME welcomes enthusiastic, interested, and qualified individuals to consider writing test items for use in COMLEX-USA and/or COMAT examinations. You may qualify to join the unique group of subject matter experts who contribute to the future of osteopathic medicine by writing or reviewing test items or clinical cases for COMLEX-USA or COMAT examinations.

Resident Volunteers. The NBOME also welcomes resident volunteers to contribute to the content development process. As a recent COMLEX-USA examinee, you may participate in learning opportunities: item writing training, examination development, and standard setting. Network with colleagues from across the US in a wide variety of specialties and disciplines as you support the advancement of testing standards, continuous quality improvement, innovations in testing, and research.

Who Should Participate?

  • DOs with an active license (training or full) to practice medicine
  • Individuals who have passed all three levels of the COMLEX-USA licensure examination series
  • DOs from an AOA-COCA accredited college of osteopathic medicine
  • Individuals who serve on a state medical licensing board or are physicians in clinical practice
  • Individuals with a career in academic osteopathic medicine who serve as clinical or biomedical sciences faculty

Becoming a Member

We invite practicing osteopathic physicians, student residents, educators, researchers, and assessment experts to apply to the National Faculty. Email NBOME National Faculty with your interest in joining in order to start the application process.

"Why I Joined"

Hear from National Faculty members on why they joined, the benefits they've received, and some of their favorite memories.

National Faculty Chairs

The NBOME is honored to have the following leaders and experts serve as our National Faculty Chairs.
Clinical Sciences Department and Division Chairs

Darren Cohen, DO

Emergency Medicine
Robert N. Agnello, DO

Robert Agnello, DO

Family Medicine
Angela C. Cavanna

Angela C. Cavanna, DO

Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, & Dermatology

Stephanie L. Zeszutek, DO, RPh

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Danielle L. Cooley, DO

Osteopathic Principles & Practice | Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
Ava C. Stanczak, DO

Ava C. Stanczak, DO

Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
Ryan Smith

Ryan M. Smith, DO, PhD, MBA, MSEd

Psychiatry, Neurology, & Clinical Neurosciences

Janie Myers, DO

Surgery, Surgical Subspecialties, & Anesthesia
Competency Chairs
Charles Finch, DO

Charles Finch, DO

Interpersonal and Communication Skills in the Practice of Osteopathic Medicine

Janet Lieto, DO

Systems-Based Practice in Osteopathic Medicine
Eduardo, MD, MSc, PhD

H. Eduardo Velasco, MD, MSc, PhD

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

William R. Blazey, DO

Professionalism in the Practice of Osteopathic Medicine
Foundational Biomedical Sciences Chairs
Robert J. Theobald, PhD

Robert J. Theobald Jr., PhD

Foundational Biomedical Sciences

Jonathan Leo, PhD

Anatomy Division
Martha A. Faner, PhD

Martha A. Faner, PhD

Biochemistry Division

David Gardner, PhD

Genetics Division
Balbina J. Plotkin

Balbina J. Plotkin, PhD, MEd

Microbiology & Immunology Division

Thomas E. Rosenzweig, MD

Pathology Division
Adrienne Z. Ables

Adrienne Z. Ables, PharmD, MS

Pharmacology Division
Edward Wagner, PhD

Edward Wagner, PhD

Physiology Division
COMLEX-USA Examination Chairs
Joyce A. Brown, CHSE

Joyce A. Brown, DO

Wayne R. Carlsen

Wayne R. Carlsen, DO

Brett Stecker, DO

Brett Stecker, DO

COMAT Examination Chairs
Thomas E. Benzoni, DO, EM

Thomas E. Benzoni, DO

Emergency Medicine

Sarah M. Hall, DO

Family Medicine
Michael L. Smith

Michael L. Smith, PhD

Foundational Biomedical Sciences

Rodney Bates, DO

Internal Medicine

Meaghan Nelsen, DO, MS

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Rebecca E. Giusti, DO

Rebecca E. Giusti, DO

Osteopathic Principles & Practice | Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

Alissa P. Craft, DO, MBA


Jacqueline Locrotondo, DO

Michelle M. Sowden, DO

Michelle M. Sowden, DO

COMVEX Examination Chair

Regina Lewis, DO

Content Committee Chairs

Alesia Wagner, DO

Clinical Decision-Making & Key Features
Bernadette Riley, DO

Bernadette Riley, DO

Chair for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Item Writers and Case Authors of the Year

The NBOME annually evaluates the efforts of the item writers and case authors who contributed to the exams. We honor an author from each exam series whose items or cases are exemplary. The Item Writers and Case Authors of the Year produce exam elements in the type and format needed to ensure a valid, high-quality examination that assesses competencies for osteopathic medicine. Item Writer & Case Author of the Year Awardees
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