Candidate Wellness

Great tips for managing your stress and anxiety as a COM student

Stories from the Road: Live True to Your Body, Mind & Spirit - Interview with Merwan Faraj, ENS, MC, USNR, OMS-II

April 26, 2021
Merwan Faraj, ENS, MC, USNR, is a second year med student at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine-Carolinas...

CANDIDATE WELLNESS: Confronting Mental Health Issues and Advocating for Change

August 10, 2020
To just say that mental health and the effects of stress and anxiety have a direct impact on academic success would...

CANDIDATE WELLNESS: How to Keep Nutrition & Hydration in Your Diet with a Busy Schedule

July 2, 2020
We’ve all been the kind of busy and stressed out that makes us accidentally miss a meal (and in some cases, not...

CANDIDATE WELLNESS: How to Meditate without Doing Nothing

June 8, 2020
What do you picture when you think of meditation a person standing under a waterfall or someone sitting in full...

CANDIDATE WELLNESS: Fitting Wellness and Mental Health into Your Study Schedule

May 18, 2020
Katelyn Wray is a second-year medical student at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine on her #RoadtoDOLicensure,...

CANDIDATE WELLNESS: 5 Ways You Can Get Better Sleep

March 13, 2020
Sleep is usually the first to fall to the wayside when your time is limited—even when you do manage to carve out...

CANDIDATE WELLNESS: 3 Ways to Keep Doing What You Love

February 19, 2020
We all strive to make #WorkLifeBalance part of our daily practice, but is it? With four years of undergrad, four...

CANDIDATE WELLNESS: 5 Ways Exercise Can Reduce Stress & Anxiety for Medical Students

January 31, 2020
Exercise may be the last thing you want to add to your plate this winter—why take it on when you’re already...

CANDIDATE WELLNESS: Managing Stress and Anxiety on the Road to DO Licensure

January 29, 2020
“I love taking tests,” said nobody, ever. And we agree.  We want you to know that we truly understand the...