A self-paced assessment series designed to help students prepare for

The WelCOMTM assessment series is offered on the CATALYST platform and provides osteopathic medical students and residents with a new means of reinforcing their medical knowledge and assessing their strengths and weaknesses in the COMLEX-USA blueprint areas. WelCOM will ‘welcome’ students into the early stages of preparation for the COMLEX-USA examinations, providing test questions prepared in the style and content COMLEX-USA. WelCOM content is designed for osteopathic medical students and residents as they begin their preparation for each level of the licensure examination.

WelCOM can prepare you for both COMSAE and COMLEX-USA!


Each WelCOM assessment offers 75 items (questions) geared toward a specific level of COMLEX-USA and is provided on the platform we call CATALYST.

Dashboard – Mobile

WelCOM questions are written by the same group of physicians and PhDs who prepare content for COMLEX-USA. While the questions on WelCOM parallel those on COMSAE, WelCOM offers additional learning resources. After responding to each WelCOM question, the individual is provided with the correct answer, the explanation of why that answer is correct and the other choices are incorrect, as well as additional references for further study.

Demo - Mobile

Just as important, WelCOM is convenient! You can access WelCOM 24/7 on your smartphone tablet, desktop, or on the CATALYST App. You can design how you want to access the assessment content in the Settings - meaning you can answer one question or as many as you like whenever you have time.

Test Plan Settings – Desktop

Unlike traditional examinations that give you a one-time snapshot of your performance after you’ve completed the exam, WelCOM uses an easy to read Review panel that provides real-time progress to help you close the gaps in your knowledge.

Questions Review – Desktop


Phase Questions/Rationales Per Form
Phase 1 - Number of Forms 2 75
Phase 2 - Number of Forms 4 75


Comparing WelCOM and COMSAE

# of Questions 75 200
Available for Purchase By COM Students Students or COMs
Questions Interval Self-Determined Single-Sitting
Scoring Correct / Incorrect Provided in Real Time Total Score Provided at Completion of Assessment
Answer Rationales YES No
Reference/Resource Material YES No
Performance Dashboard YES No
Cost $60 $60