Strategic Plan

The public’s need for transparency and entrustability in ensuring safe, quality health care is driving increasing demand for assessment across the education, training, and practice continuum in osteopathic medicine, as well as in other health care professions. As a result, this environment provides unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the NBOME.

The NBOME is the leader in osteopathically distinctive assessment for the osteopathic profession. To enhance this leadership position, as well as to expand the depth, breadth and pace of enhancements to assessment within the osteopathic medical profession and in other health care professions, in 2016 the NBOME developed a new strategic plan, ACEL.

Throughout 2017-2019, ACEL will accelerate our mission of protecting the public through rigorous osteopathic medical testing while serving as our guide as we work toward becoming the global leader in providing assessment services and products for osteopathic medicine and related health care professions.

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