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Working with Students to Meet Our Mission

The NBOME relies on the feedback of osteopathic students for a number of reasons: to improve products and services such as COMLEX-USA, COMSAE, WelCOM, and COMAT; to learn directly about their thoughts on the current state of osteopathic medical education and licensure exams; and how the NBOME can be a valuable resource as students embark on one of the most fulfilling and challenging journeys of their lives.

This feedback is integral to meeting the NBOME’s mission of protecting the public though valid, fair, and reliable assessments for osteopathic students, residents and physicians. The following are a few ways the NBOME engages directly with students.


Launched in 1991, the NBOME Liaison Committee convenes each year at the direction of the NBOME Board of Directors. Members comprise representatives from across the continuum of osteopathic medical education and the house of medicine, which includes osteopathic medical students from the Council of Student Government Presidents and Student Osteopathic Medical Association. During these meetings, members share their experiences, ideas, and concerns as they pertain to NBOME assessments as well as other challenges and opportunities facing the profession. Many improvements to NBOME initiatives, products, and services have stemmed from these meetings.

More information about the NBOME Liaison Committee can be found here.


The Student Experience Panel is aimed at learning directly from students about their experiences and acquiring feedback on various NBOME initiatives.
Each June, nominations are solicited from COM deans and from leadership from the following groups:

Appointed SEP members serve a one-year term, effective for the academic year. Members are selected from nominations to create a diverse and representative panel.


Throughout the year, colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs) gain access to NBOME leadership through in-person and virtual site visits. These meetings allow students to share their feedback and concerns and learn about important news and updates directly from the NBOME, reducing the chance of misinformation.

The NBOME and COM leadership collaborate directly to schedule these visits. For more about where and when our next visit will take place, visit here.


Stories from the Road blogs focus on the individual experience of a student or resident as they navigate their way through medical school and the COMLEX-USA examination series. Similarly, Candidate Wellness blogs feature tips, advice, and information from students and residents about how to maintain mental and physical wellness while preparing for these high-stakes exams. The journey to licensure is challenging and fulfilling, and these blogs seek to offer understanding and compassion so that candidates know they’re not alone.

Those interested in submitting a blog can email communications@nbome.org.


When the NBOME embarks on large-scale, innovative projects (such as the Special Commission for Osteopathic Medical Licensure, and most recently, the Core Competency Capstone for DOs (C3DO), student participation and feedback are integral to the process.

For example, when Phase 1 of C3DO completed, student feedback was considered as the C3DO Task Force discussed next steps in C3DO development, and initial analysis showed promising results regarding the feasibility of on-campus standardized assessment of fundamental osteopathic clinical skills of osteopathic medical students.

In addition, for COMLEX-USA standard-setting activities, students are surveyed to give feedback on pass rates for the COMLEX-USA examinations, which is crucial to our standard-setting process. Read more about standard setting here.


As students transition into residency and eventually into practice, we continue to look for input and feedback in the form of our National Faculty. This diverse group of DO physicians, educators, and researchers do the incredibly important work of writing, editing, evaluating, and implementing questions for COMLEX-USA and COMAT exams. Members of the National Faculty also review the COMLEX-USA Master Blueprint, contribute to online learning modules, and serve on the Board of Directors and operational committees.

Those who are interested can apply to the National Faculty after they have passed COMLEX-USA Level 3. Email NationalFaculty@nbome.org to begin the application process.