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Test Accommodations
The NBOME provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for candidates taking the COMLEX-USA examinations who provide the required […]

COMLEX-USA Master Blueprint

Test-Day Tips for COMLEX-USA Computer-Based Examinations

Practice Exam: COMAT FBS

The Medical Licensing Process

The Role of State Medical Boards

The Medical Disciplinary Process


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Request for Rescheduling Fee Waiver for COMLEX-USA Examinations
Please review the Registration and Scheduling section of the COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information before submitting this form. Download Waiver Form

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COMVEX Application Form

Dimension 2: Physician Tasks

COMAT Administration Guide

eCOMAT Testing App

COMLEX-USA · Dimension 1 Categories

COMLEX-USA · Dimension 2 Categories

Dimension 1: Patient Presentation

COMLEX-USA Content Outline · Patient Presentations and Physician Tasks

While all three COMLEX-USA examination levels contain osteopathic principles and practices, the depth and emphasis of each dimension changes in each level to assess different educational experiences and clinical responsibilities. This progressive design ensures the consistency and continuity of the measurement objectives required for osteopathic medical licensing.

Request Official Transcript
Candidates should request transcripts through their NBOME Account. If you are a third party, working on behalf of a candidate, please use form below to […]

Client Registration System Tutorial

Percentile Score Conversion Tool

Practice eSOAP Note
Practice Creating SOAP Notes Practice eSOAP Note The purpose of this practice module is to give candidates the ability to practice and become comfortable with […]

Doorway Information Sheet
The doorway information sheet contains a brief statement of the patient’s reason for visit (similar to a nurse’s note), as well as the patient’s vital […]

Sample Patient Encounter
Sample Patient Encounter Below is a sample of the type of patient encounter you could experience during your Level 2-PE. This is provided to acquaint […]

Completed eSOAP Note Sample
  Sample of a Completed SOAP Note All SOAP Notes should be completed to “stand alone” as the only documentation for that encounter. For more […]

eSOAP Notes Resources
The SOAP Note represents an opportunity to demonstrate documentation skills (in English), document clinical findings, exercise clinical problem-solving skills, formulate a differential diagnosis and a […]

COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE Instructional Video Series

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Practice Exam: COMLEX-USA Clinical Decision Making Cases

COMLEX-USA for Residency Program Directors

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COMSAE · Exam Disciplines
Exam Disciplines COMSAE examination is scored on 6-7 medical disciplines along with the COMLEX-USA Dimension Topics

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