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I. Overview

The purpose of this guide is to provide a reference to the college of osteopathic medicine (COM) for the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Achievement Test (COMAT) administration.

II. Description of the COMAT Series

The NBOME COMAT series includes eight core clinical disciplines and foundational biomedical sciences (beginning December of 2018). Each discipline is designed for standardized assessment in core osteopathic medical disciplines, such as end-of-course or clinical rotation student assessment. The examinations assess an osteopathic student's achievement level on those disciplines.
  • Each examination in the series has osteopathic principles and practice integrated throughout, making it the obvious choice for COMs for student assessment needs.
  • COMAT is the only osteopathically distinctive discipline-specific examination series
  • COMAT is presented in a style and format comparable to the COMLEX-USA licensure series.
  • Feedback for COMs includes school summary reports and individual student score reports after each administration; scores are compared with national performance.
  • COMAT was created to reflect osteopathic physician practice.
  • COMAT is written by osteopathic and FBS discipline subject matter experts.
  • COMAT is reflective of COM curricula.

III. COMAT Use Policy

The NBOME develops and provides the COMAT series to be administered by the COMs to assess the osteopathic medical knowledge of their osteopathic medical students in the following disciplines: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Osteopathic Principles and Practice, Emergency Medicine and Foundational Biomedical Sciences. COMs must maintain the security and integrity of the COMAT series.

IV. Roles and Responsibilities

A. COMAT Coordinator A COMAT Coordinator is designated by the dean to manage COMAT administrations for his/her COM students. The primary responsibilities of the COMAT coordinator are to:
  • Oversee administrative tasks for the COMAT administrations
  • Ensure that all COMAT examinations are administered in a secure, proctored setting
  • Manage COMAT invoices and payment
B. COMAT Proctor All COMAT examinations must be proctored by a COM-approved proctor. The primary responsibilities of the COMAT proctor include:
  • Secure a quiet location to administer the COMAT examination
  • Follow the proctor guidelines and conduct the examination according to the specified procedures
  • Run system checks and resolve any issues prior to COMAT administrations and ensure that the secure browser has been downloaded to all work stations used for testing
  • Ensure test security and minimal disturbance
  • Monitor throughout the examination
C. COMAT Students COMAT students are expected to:
  • Prepare own equipment (conduct system check and download browser) prior to examination date
  • Follow instructions provided by proctor

V. Delivery Options

A. COM Approved Location The COMAT series must be administered in a secure, proctored setting.
PC/MAC Apple iPad
Delivered via a secure browser on a desktop or laptop computer provided by either the COM or student Delivered through NBOME’s custom application on any standard Apple iPad device
B. Prometric Testing Center COMAT administration for the clinical subject examinations is available at Prometric testing centers. The Foundational Biomedical Sciences examination will not be available at Prometric. Prometric testing may be preferred for students who are unable to take the examination at the COM approved location. This option requires a five-day minimum advance scheduling and an additional administrative fee for the seat at Prometric. See Registration and Scheduling section.

VI. Registration and Scheduling

A. Registration
  1. COM Approved Location The NBOME has provided a means for the COM to designate students for individual COMAT disciplines. It is available through the COMAT tab on the dean’s page in the Client Registration System (CRS). The registration includes selecting the student from the class list, choosing the subject, assigning location and proctor.
  2. Prometric Testing Center The NBOME has provided a means for the COM to designate students for an individual COMAT discipline. It is available through the COMAT tab on the dean’s page. The registration includes adding “Prometric Eligibility,” selecting Eligibility Start Date and End Date.
B. Scheduling
  1. COM Approved Location The COMAT Coordinator registers and schedules a date for an upcoming administration as part of the registration via CRS.
  2. Prometric Testing Center The COMAT Coordinator sets a date range for students. Students will then receive an email notification to schedule with Prometric. Students must schedule with Prometric at least five days before the examination date.
C. Rescheduled, Canceled, or Missed Scheduled Examination
  1. COM Approved Location COMs can make changes to a scheduled examination date at any time unless the examination is in progress. A missed examination can be rescheduled for a new date at no cost to the COM.
  2. Prometric Testing Center COMs can make changes to a scheduled examination date up to 30 days prior to their examination date at no cost to the COM. A change made within 30 days will incur the full seat fee.

VII. Retaking an Examination

Students are allowed to retake COMAT under the direction of their COM. COMs should only allow students to retake a COMAT discipline examination after receiving the result.

VIII. Test Accommodation Requests

The COM is responsible for review and approval of test accommodations requests for the COMAT administrations. The COM is responsible for all costs to provide the approved accommodation. NBOME will make a good faith effort to provide such reasonable test accommodations that the COM determines are warranted for the students

IX. Examination Administration

A. Arrival and Identification
  1. COM Approved Location The COM establishes the arrival time for an examination. Proctors will be responsible for verifying the identity of all students.
  2. Prometric Testing Center Students must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of the scheduled administration, and must bring with them one piece of identification, which must be a valid government-issued picture ID with signature, such as a current driver’s license or passport.
B. Late Arrival
  1. COM Approved Location The COM will determine whether a student is allowed to sit for the examination upon late arrival.
  2. Prometric Testing Center Any student who arrives after the scheduled start time may be permitted to take the examination, only if the testing center is able to deliver the examination in its entirety.
C. No Outside Information or Access
  1. COM Approved Location During the full test session, students are not permitted to access any information or data, including but not limited to any access to a cellular phone or PDA, text, notes or other materials, and may not communicate in any manner with anyone outside the testing area.
  2. Prometric Testing Center During the full test session, students are not permitted to access any information or data not provided to the student by Prometric at the testing center, including but not limited to any access to a cellular phone or PDA, text, notes or other materials, and may not communicate in any manner with anyone outside the testing center. Students are required to place all personal property, including watches, in the secure lockers provided at the testing centers. Students are permitted to access their personal property after completing their examination.
D. Special Assistance
  1. COM Approved Location A student may not have in the test area any family member, assistant, or other person for any reason except approved by the COM as a special accommodation.
  2. Prometric Testing Center Prometric may provide limited special assistance if sufficient notification is provided to NBOME. Under no circumstance may the testing center professional staff permit any additional time to take the examination or modify the examination or testing conditions in any way that would alter the standards for measurement of the knowledge or skill being tested by the examination. Examples of special assistance that may be permitted include but are not limited to the use of ear plugs, dietary needs, or taking of medication.
E. Interruption of Examination or Computer Malfunction for All Approved Locations In the event of an examination interruption, the proctor will determine whether the examination will resume from the point the examination was stopped and if the examination interruption will still permit the examination to be administered in its entirety. If the examination is interrupted for a period of time that will not permit the examination to be administered in its entirety, or the examination is canceled for emergency or safety purposes, the COM must inform NBOME immediately and NBOME will not score the examination. F. Cancelation Due to Inclement Weather, Other Force Majeure
  1. COM Approved Location If a student is unable to test due to inclement weather, force majeure, or other event beyond the control of the COM, the examination can be rescheduled.
  2. Prometric Testing Center In the event of severe inclement weather, force majeure, or other event beyond the control of Prometric, Prometric may in its sole discretion cancel a scheduled examination. If this occurs, students should contact his/her COM to arrange a new period of eligibility.
G. Emergency Evacuation for All Approved Locations Students will follow the emergency evacuation instructions of the testing site. H. Test Day Issues Students who encounter test day issues must report to their proctor or Prometric testing center staff immediately. After reporting the incident to the staff on premises, the student must inform their COM of the incident. NBOME will work with the COM to review the issue to determine the appropriate resolution.

X. Conduct

The COM should follow its policy to prevent any possible irregularities in test administration, student behavior, breach of test security, or confidentiality. Any proctor, who suspects irregular conduct by a student during a COMAT administration should report the conduct to the COM and NBOME.

XI. Voided Examination Administration

The NBOME can void an examination requested by the COM. Students may not void their COMAT discipline examination score for any reason.

XII. Fees and Invoice

A. Examination Fee The fees for all COMAT examinations will follow the pricing structure set forth on the NBOME website unless otherwise noted on the COMAT contract.
B. Rescheduling and Cancelation Fee The rescheduling and cancelation fees for all COMAT subject examinations will follow the pricing structure set forth on the NBOME website.
C. Invoice All fees are invoiced after the examination administrations are issued to the COM. NBOME will not collect any fee directly from the students.

XIII. Scoring and Reporting

NBOME provides summary reports for single COMAT administrations, as well as cumulative reports for subjects within a COMAT testing cycle. Reports for single administrations may include summary statistics, performance profile, cumulative frequency distribution, score roster, item key phrase report. For the COMAT  clinical subjects, reports are scheduled to be released 5 to 10 business days after administration regardless of the number of administrations, typically on Thursday afternoons. For COMAT FBS, reports are typically scheduled to be released on Wednesdays within 15 business days after administration. The reports are posted on the dean’s page. COMs can release individual score reports to student’s CRS account. The NBOME does not send the COMAT student score reports to students directly. Reported scores for existing subjects are standard scores, which account for different forms. Standard scores are set to have a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 10, based on a representative norming sample. Standard score scales are reviewed annually, and may be reestablished at the discretion of the NBOME. Reported scores for new subjects are percent correct scores. After one year, percent correct scores are converted to standard scores, and all subsequent reported scores for the subject are standard scores.

XIV. Score Confirmation

The NBOME will confirm a COMAT examination score if a COMAT coordinator submits a written request to NBOME for score confirmation within 30 days after the scores are released. Individual students may not request score confirmations. The fee per examination score confirmation is $25, and the request must be accompanied by a check or credit card payment information. A score confirmation entails retrieving the original test responses, rescoring and comparing the rescored results with the originally reported scores. Results of a score confirmation will be sent to the COMAT coordinator by Client Services within two weeks of the request.

XV. NBOME and ITS Administration Support

NBOME will provide telephone support for all COMAT administrations between the hours of 7 AM-7 PM (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday with the exception of NBOME holidays. NBOME Client Services can be reached at (866) 479-6828, and ITS can be reached at (800) 5148494 between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM (Eastern Time).   A. COMAT Clinical Subjects No administrations will be administered on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, each year the NBOME will not deliver COMAT the first two weeks of July.
Holidays & Non-Testing Days Dates
End of 2017-2018 cycle 7/1/2018 – 7/14/2018
Labor Day 9/3/2018
Thanksgiving Holiday 11/22/2018 – 11/23/2018
*Christmas/New Year Holidays 12/25/2018 – 1/1/2019
President’s Day 2/18/2019
Good Friday 4/19/2019
Memorial Day 5/27/2019
End of 2018-2019 cycle 7/1/2019 – 7/14/2019
Labor Day 9/2/2019
Thanksgiving Holiday 11/28/2019 – 11/29/2019
*Christmas/New Year Holidays 12/25/2019 – 1/1/2020
* NBOME offices are closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day. B. COMAT FBS COMAT FBS examinations are offered continuously throughout the year Monday through Friday, with the exception of the dates indicated in the table below.
Holidays & Non-Testing Days Dates
Christmas/New Year Holidays* 12/25/2018-1/1/2019
COMAT FBS Non-Testing Dates 2/1/2019-2/28/2019
Good Friday* 4/19/2019
Memorial Day* 5/27/2019
Independence Day* 7/4/2019
Labor Day* 9/2/2019
COMAT FBS Non-Testing Dates 11/16/2019-12/8/2019
Christmas/New Year Holidays* 12/25/2019-1/1/2020
* NBOME offices are closed.
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