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Dimension 1: Competency Domains

COMPETENCY DOMAINS are related sets of foundational abilities representing the required elements and outcomes that define knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes, values, behaviors, and established professional standards. They constitute a general descriptive framework for the practice of osteopathic medicine. Required elements articulate the essential foundational specifications, including specific, definable knowledge, skills, experiences, attitudes, values, and/or behaviors that make up the standards for the competency domain. Measured outcomes can be directly assessed in a reliable manner in the assessments that make up the COMLEX-USA examination program.

Minimum Content

arrow_forward 1. Osteopathic Principles, Practice, and Manipulative Treatment 10%
arrow_forward 2. Osteopathic Patient Care and Procedural Skills 25%
arrow_forward 3. Application of Knowledge for Osteopathic Medical Practice 30%
arrow_forward 4. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement in Osteopathic Medical Practice 5%
arrow_forward 5. Interpersonal and Communication Skills in the Practice of Osteopathic Medicine 10%
arrow_forward 6. Professionalism in the Practice of Osteopathic Medicine 5%
arrow_forward 7. Systems-Based Practice in Osteopathic Medicine 5%