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Dimension 2: Clinical Presentations

CLINICAL PRESENTATIONS represent the manner in which a particular patient, group of patients, or community presents to osteopathic physicians. The emphasis within each clinical presentation is on high-frequency and high-impact categories based on evidence from osteopathic medical practice. Each clinical presentation is further categorized into specific topics.

Clinical presentations may include presentations of patients across all relevant age categories, from special populations, and in varied clinical settings, and the ways in which patients present for osteopathic medical care.

Minimum Content:

arrow_forward 1. Community Health and Patient Presentations Related to Wellness 12%
arrow_forward 2. Human Development, Reproduction, and Sexuality 5%
arrow_forward 3. Endocrine System and Metabolism 5%
arrow_forward 4. Nervous System and Mental Health 10%
arrow_forward 5. Musculoskeletal System 13%
arrow_forward 6. Genitourinary/Renal System and Breasts 5%
arrow_forward 7. Gastrointestinal System and Nutritional Health 10%
arrow_forward 8. Circulatory and Hematologic Systems 10%
arrow_forward 9. Respiratory System 10%
arrow_forward 10. Integumentary System 5%