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Beginning February 2024, the NBOME will launch newly refreshed COMSAE Phase 1 and 2 forms, with answer keys for forms designated for student/individual purchase. These updated forms will be recognized with a “b” at the end of the form number. Forms designated for purchase by colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs) will not include these answer keys, to maintain item security. Phase 1 forms purchased before February 7, 2024, and Phase 2 forms purchased before February 14, 2024–regardless of when they are administered–will not include the updates.

Bulk Purchasing of COMSAE forms for Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine

The NBOME offers bulk purchasing to COMs for COMSAE examinations. COMSAE assessments are available for groups of first-, second-, and third-year students. To view and purchase all available product options, log in to your college’s online Portal account by clicking the key icon on the NBOME homepage.

Pricing & Discounts

Single COMSAE Phase for an entire class$60 per COMSAE
2+ COMSAE Phases for an entire class OR single COMSAE Phase for two entire classes$55 per COMSAE

How to Purchase COMSAE for your students

Upon completion of purchase, all students for whom a COMSAE was purchased will receive an email notifying them that they can access the link from their NBOME online account.

*Please note that if a student tries to access the link outside of the date range, they will see a message instructing them to contact their school.

How to obtain a COMSAE Faculty Review Form

There is a faculty form available for use by COMs for COMSAE Phase 1 and Phase 2. The faculty form is identical to one of the existing COMSAE forms and is administered in the same fashion. The faculty form is not scored. Once the faculty member completes the exam, the last screen will show a sample of a score report only.

Steps for obtaining a COMSAE Faculty Form:

Once the information is saved, the faculty member will receive an email with instructions for setting up their account and accessing the examination.

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