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COMSAE Phase 1 has one form available and COMSAE Phase 2 has two forms available for student purchase. Each examination may be purchased and taken more than once. These COMSAE forms are available to osteopathic medical students only. COMSAE Phase 3 has one form that is available to residents and/or their program directors. All purchasing restrictions have been established for the purpose of examination security and integrity.

Important News Regarding COMSAE Phase 1 Forms

All Phase 1 and Phase 2 individual/student forms now include answer keys. Please note: Phase 1 forms purchased before February 7, 2024, and Phase 2 forms purchased before February 14, 2024, do not include the answer keys.

Examination Fee

Student/Resident Purchase · $60
This fee is for one COMSAE form.
To purchase a COMSAE form, log in to your NBOME account by clicking the key icon in the top right corner of the NBOME homepage.

Examination Security

The NBOME is committed to the convenient and secure delivery of all its computer-based examinations, including the COMSAE examinations. In addition to ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the electronic examinations, we will not disclose personal data to any individual or entity without written, signed consent or a court order.

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