Special Commission on Osteopathic Medical Licensure Assessment

ECSA Inventory

Evidence of Clinical Skills Activities Inventory

On July 30, 2021, the NBOME released the Evidence of Clinical Skills Activities (ECSA) Inventory to all colleges and schools of osteopathic medicine. This Inventory will provide information for the Enhanced Attestation for the Class of 2022. Multiple information sessions and webinars will be held for administration and faculty.

July 20 Deans’ webinar: Introduction to the ECSA Inventory
August 10 Deans and Faculty: Getting Started
August 31 Deans and Faculty: Compiling the Evidence
September 20 Completing the ECSA Inventory
September 30 ECSA Inventory completion due

Reviewing the data from the ECSA Inventory will allow the NBOME to:

  1. Learn about the current activities conducted at the COMs in each clinical skill formerly assessed by the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE.
  2. Share information about the state of the state in clinical skills activities in osteopathic medical education.
  3. Help guide the profession in developing a standard for assessment of these clinical skills in the absence of a national clinical skills examination.
  4. Identify how best to support COMs and licensure.
  5. Investigate process options for 2023 and beyond.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. I am a member of the Class of 2022. Does this mean the NBOME will see how I performed on activities at my school?

No information will be collected regarding individual students’ performance on activities at each COM. The Inventory will only collect information about the activities themselves.

2. When was the Inventory released?

The NBOME conducted an introductory webinar for COM leadership on July 20th. Following that session, the Inventory, along with a guide to assist in completing the Inventory, was released to the deans on July 30th.

3. Is the Inventory the sole part of the enhanced attestation?

No, the enhanced attestation pathway is a two-part process. At graduation, deans will still need to complete an online attestation for each graduating student, following the same process in the dean’s NBOME Portal as for the classes of 2020 and 2021. The attestation declares that the student is in good academic and professional standing, meets the requirements to graduate from the COM, and has demonstrated the fundamental osteopathic clinical skills necessary for graduation.

4. How will the information provided on the Inventory be shared?

The information supplied on the Inventory will be used to support the attestation provided by the COM for the Class of 2022. Specific information for each COM will not be shared or published. Broad data sets without identifying information may be shared publicly and used to inform future osteopathic clinical skills education and assessment practices.

5. How does this fit into the eligibility pathway for Level 3?

Candidates for Level 3 will still need attestation from their residency program director that they are in good academic and professional standing. For more on eligibility for Level 3 for the Class of 2022, see here.

6. I am neither the dean of a COM nor the assigned contact person, but I am interested in the process. May I receive a copy of the ECSA Inventory or invitations to the informational webinars?

Only COM deans and their assigned contact personnel are able to access the ECSA Inventory or attend webinars, as the information shared is confidential.

7. When will decisions be made about the Class of 2023?

We hope the inventory will be helpful in moving forward for the future, but understand that time continues to constrain our processes. Decisions regarding the Class of 2023 will be announced before the end of 2021.


1. I am a COM dean or the contact person designated by a COM dean to complete the Evidence of Clinical Skills Activities 2022 Inventory and I have questions about the process. How do I seek assistance?

We recommend reading the guide as a first step, but we recognize that additional questions will arise. The NBOME conducted three webinars for COM deans and their designees, who can also email the NBOME for assistance at ClinicalSkills@nbome.org. The NBOME will also compile and regularly update this FAQ list from questions received.

2. We are a new COM/campus and do not have a Class of 2022. Do we need to complete the ECSA Inventory?

COMs or campuses without a Class of 2022 do not need to complete the ECSA Inventory. However, if the new campus is a branch campus that would otherwise be included in a COM’s ECSA Inventory, the COM may choose to include the branch in the list of campuses.

Please be aware that the Special Commission on Osteopathic Medical Licensure Assessment is currently evaluating pathways for the classes of 2023 and beyond. If the Special Commission decides to extend the Enhanced Attestation to those classes, your COM may complete an ECSA Inventory in the future.

3. Is there a way to view the ECSA Inventory as a whole before filling it out online?

COM deans or their assigned contact personnel may obtain a PDF version of the ECSA Inventory by emailing ClinicalSkills@nbome.org.

4. How long does it take to complete the ECSA Inventory online?

Due to the branching logic used in the ECSA Inventory, the length of time will differ for each COM depending on the responses that are provided. However, if the information has already been compiled and is just being entered online, we estimate that the process should take no more than 1-3 hours for most COMs.

5. Will I be able to complete the ECSA Inventory in multiple sittings?

A new feature has been added to the ECSA Inventory effective noon ET on September 15, 2021. Anyone who begins entering their information after this time will be able to return to their survey in progress as long as they use the same browser and computer.

Please note: this requires the use of cookies. If your COM’s IT security settings automatically disable all cookies, please plan to complete the ECSA Inventory in one sitting. If you have to walk away from the Inventory while completing it, keep your web browser open to the Inventory page, locking your screen for security.

6. Can the NBOME share examples of completed Inventories?

The NBOME cannot share individual COM inventories with other COMs, but will be preparing a de-identified summary document at the completion of the inventory. If you are struggling with specific questions, please reach out to clinicalskills@nbome.org. If needed, we can arrange a time to discuss any COM-specific questions as you complete your inventory.

7. After completing my COM’s Inventory online, is there a way for me to receive a copy for our records?

If you are a Dean or a COM’s designee, once the Inventory has been submitted you may email us at clinicalskills@nbome.org to request a copy of your completed inventory. We will download a PDF of your COM’s responses and share it with you.

8. The Inventory asks if we will be submitting supplemental documentation—what kind of documentation would we submit and is it required?

Supplemental documentation is not required. It is included as an option for those COMs that might have something they want to share, or something that is easier to share than to explain, or you have a description of an activity already created that would be easier for you if you could just upload.

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