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NBOME Extends Enhanced Attestation to Class of 2023


The NBOME Board of Directors has announced that it will extend its enhanced attestation guidelines for the Class of 2022 COMLEX-USA Level 3 eligibility to the Class of 2023.

Extending the enhanced attestation to the DO students in the Class of 2023 will have far-reaching benefits across the osteopathic profession; for example:

For the DO Student Class of 2023:

The enhanced attestation will allow these students to provide verification of their individual fundamental osteopathic clinical competences for eventual licensure eligibility in all 50 states—despite the inability to take the Level 2-PE due to its indefinite suspension.

For state licensing boards:

As these students will eventually seek licensure in their jurisdictions, state medical and osteopathic medical licensing boards will be confident in the verification that these individuals have proven competency in fundamental osteopathic clinical skills as attested by their osteopathic medical college.

For the osteopathic medical profession:

Extending the enhanced attestation provides additional opportunities for a thorough review of the results of the Evidence for Clinical Skills Activities Inventory, and to collaborate on optimal steps forward for a thoughtful—and more permanent—solution for assessing and verifying critical osteopathic clinical skills.

For the public:

The NBOME is committed to patient safety and protecting the health of the public through valid, reliable, and fair assessments of the fundamental osteopathic medical competencies, including clinical skills, that patients expect from osteopathic physicians and which research confirms are essential for safe and effective osteopathic medical care. Ensuring future DOs meet that standard, even as the profession and healthcare at large continue to evolve, is key to our mission.

This decision by the NBOME Board was informed by the Special Commission, which is expected to complete its work in spring 2022 and make recommendations to the NBOME Board of Directors at their June 2022 meeting. NBOME has continued to garner additional input from key stakeholder groups across the spectrum, including learners, the undergraduate and graduate medical education community, accreditors, the licensure community, and patient advocates/public members. Another period for stakeholder input and commentary on the Special Commission’s final recommendations prior to the NBOME Board decision is anticipated in May-June 2022.

August 16, 2021

Enhanced Attestation for the Class of 2022


In light of the indefinite suspension of the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE, the NBOME Board of Directors has approved an enhanced attestation pathway to COMLEX-USA Level 3 for the graduating DO Class of 2022.

To accomplish this, the NBOME has released the Evidence of Clinical Skills Activities 2022 Inventory. The Inventory will provide information about the activities used to educate and assess students on their osteopathic clinical skills. We believe this Inventory will reassure our stakeholders (state medical and osteopathic medical boards, residency program directors, colleges of osteopathic medicine, students, and patients) that there is evidence used to inform this enhanced attestation. In addition, we anticipate the COMs’ information to be integral for future collaboration and continuous quality improvement innovations.

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