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Required Notifications of Any Adverse Condition

If any program malfunction, failure, or interruption; adverse testing condition; or other event or condition occurs that impacts administration of the examination (“Adverse Testing Condition”) during the administration of any COMLEX-USA examination to a candidate, the candidate must notify the test center staff before leaving the test center of any adverse impact the Adverse Testing Condition had or may have had on the candidate’s performance of the examination.


The candidate must submit to the NBOME in writing within 10 calendar days following the examination date via email to clientservices@nbome.org or letter to NBOME, 8765 W. Higgins Road, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60631, a detailed description of the Adverse Testing Condition, a detailed statement of the impact the Adverse Testing Condition had or may have had on his or her performance of the examination, and a written request that the NBOME hold the publication of the candidate’s score on the examination until the NBOME has completed its investigation of the matter, as a condition for any claim or right to recourse the candidate may have against the NBOME; testing centers or any of their employees, agents, or representatives.

If the candidate fails to so notify both the test center staff and the NBOME of any claimed Adverse Testing Condition, the candidate thereby waives any claim or right to any recourse he or she has against the NBOME; testing centers or their employees, agents, or representatives arising out or relating to that claimed Adverse Testing Condition.

Bulletin of Information 2023-2024