A Self-Assessment Exam Intended as an Education Resource & Preparation Aid for the COMLEX-USA Exam Series

New COMSAE Phase 3 Form - Available Now! The new Phase 3 reflects the Master Blueprint for the COMLEX-USA two-day Level 3 examination, September 2018. To purchase, access your NBOME Online Account.

Osteopathic students and residents use our three-phase Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Self-Assessment Examination (COMSAE) to prepare to take a COMLEX-USA cognitive examination.

COMSAE Phase 1 Scientific understanding of the mechanisms of these clinical situations
COMSAE Phase 2 Concepts and principles necessary for making appropriate medical diagnoses
COMSAE Phase 3 Concepts and principles necessary for making appropriate patient management decisions

These exams are available for purchase and are accessed through a NBOME account. We encourage use of this exam as a gauge of the base of knowledge and ability. COMSAE is not intended to predict performance on any of the COMLEX-USA examinations. However, candidates who have taken a timed COMSAE prior to taking their first COMLEX-USA cognitive examination at the corresponding level demonstrate greater proficiency, on average, relative to candidates who did not take a timed COMSAE prior to their first COMLEX-USA examination. For additional exam detail, please click on the COMSAE Disclaimer link below.

Each COMSAE examination consists of 200 questions presented in a format and structure similar to COMLEX-USA cognitive examinations.

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