Adverse Testing Conditions

During an examination administration, unanticipated circumstances may arise. Candidates must obey all test center professional staff instructions for the safety of all affected by an emergency.

Some events may be considered to be an Adverse Testing Condition (“Adverse Testing Condition” or “ATC”). An ATC is a situation that occurs during an examination administration that the NBOME determines, in its sole discretion, is outside the control of the candidate and interrupts the normal administration of the examination and substantially and negatively affects the candidate’s performance on the examination. Examples include delayed start of an examination, test interruption, equipment/technical malfunction, and/or test center environment. ATC does not include inclement weather, other force majeure, or emergency evacuation as noted above.

If during an examination a candidate brings to the attention of the test center professional staff any testing condition that he or she believes has or will substantially and adversely affect his or her performance on the examination, and the condition is not resolved to the reasonable satisfaction of the candidate at the test site, the candidate may either:


In either case, the candidate must:

  1. Promptly report any interruption of the examination to the test center staff on the day of the examination.
  2. Directly provide to the NBOME, via email to clientservices@nbome.org, credible and verifiable written evidence of the incident within 10 calendar days following the date of the examination. Simply making a comment in the post examination survey regarding any possible Adverse Testing Condition does not qualify as written notification.

The NBOME will initiate a review. The NBOME will place the scoring process “on hold” until the NBOME has completed its review of the matter.

After completing its review of an alleged ATC, the NBOME in its sole discretion, may proceed with scoring, or not score the examination and offer the candidate the opportunity to retake the examination in part or in its entirety as determined by the NBOME in its sole discretion.

For the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE, voluntary withdrawal from the examination may result in a failing score. For any COMLEX-USA examination, the attempt will count toward the attempt limit for the specific examination taken (See Retaking an Examination under COMLEX-USA Eligibility).

If the candidate fails to so notify both the test center staff and the NBOME of any claimed Adverse Testing Condition, the candidate thereby waives any claim or right to any recourse he or she has against the NBOME; Prometric; or their employees, agents, or representatives arising out or relating to that claimed Adverse Testing Condition.

If an ATC at a test center is universally adverse to all or most candidates, as determined by the NBOME in its sole discretion, the NBOME may offer to all candidates so affected an option to reschedule the examination for a mutually agreeable future date without the candidate incurring any additional fee. For any rescheduling thereafter, the candidate will be responsible for the associated fees. If the NBOME is unable to reschedule the examination when this option is offered, then it is the responsibility of the candidate to make the new test appointment for a mutually agreeable future date.