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COMAT FBS Targeted  |  Scoring & Reporting

Only percent-correct scores are currently reported for FBS-Targeted exams. When sufficient exam data has been collected, NBOME will build norming data and report standard scores instead of percent-correct scores.

Scores for COMAT FBS Targeted exams administered from Tuesday – Monday will be released on the Wednesday of the following week. This varies slightly when a new testing cycle begins or when there are non-testing days scheduled.

Upcoming special score release dates include the following:

Testing Period Score Release Date
December 22, 2020 – January 4, 2021 January 6, 2021
August 10, 2021 – August 13, 2021 August 17, 2021
August 31, 2021 – September 13, 2021 September 15, 2021

Both single administration and cumulative reports are provided to COMs.

All reports are posted to a secure website, maintained by the NBOME. COMs are provided access to this site to review, print, and archive reports. Each COM may decide how or if to distribute student score reports. NBOME will not send COMAT FBS Targeted student score reports directly to students.


Score Confirmation

The NBOME conducts a thorough quality assurance process to ensure the accuracy of all candidate scores. Additionally, we will confirm an exam score for any COMAT exam if a school coordinator submits a written request within 30 days after scores are released.

Individual students may not request score confirmations.

Because score confirmation is limited solely to computer-recorded responses, the score is unlikely to change. The NBOME will ensure all sections of the exam were completed and that responses were graded against the proper form. The NBOME does not release information about the scoring of individual exam questions.

The fee for score confirmation is $25, and the request must be accompanied by a check or credit card information. A score confirmation entails retrieving the original test responses, checking for testing or data abnormalities, re-scoring using a process different from the operational scoring process, and comparing the rescored results with the originally reported scores. Results of a score confirmation will be sent to the school coordinator by NBOME Client Services within two weeks of the request.

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