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NBOME Research

The NBOME works to accelerate research focusing on the validity and fairness of the COMLEX-USA series, and how it can evolve to meet the changing needs of the profession. Here you will find all of the NBOME's published and presented research, as well as research that has helped shape the formation and development of the NBOME's assessment tools.

Recently Published Research

"A validity study of COMLEX-USA Level 3 with the new test design"

Journal of Osteopathic Medicine | March 2024

"How the Quadruple Aim Widens the Lens on the Transition to Residency"

Journal of Graduate Medical Education | December 2022

"The Predictive Value of the Residency AOBFP In-Service Exam, Produced and Administered by ACOFP"

Family Medicine | September 2022


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Relationship of COMLEX-USA to Other Measures

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