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NBOME Names Eight COMs for C3DO Pilot Project Phase 2

December 15, 2023

The NBOME Board of Directors has accepted recommendations from the Core Competency Capstone for DOs (C3DO) Task Force for a new cohort of colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs) to participate in Phase 2 pilots for C3DO. Those COMs are:

The C3DO Task Force and the Board of Directors deliberated carefully and came to their final selections based on several factors including (but not limited to) purpose statements, level of student proposed, and geographic representation.
Three COMs from Phase 1 will also participate in Phase 2 pilots:

The NBOME looks forward to working closely with the selected COMs over the coming months. Pilots are planned to begin in March 2024 and continue into early 2025. The guidance and feedback provided by these COMs will help the NBOME develop clinical skills assessment activities that could assist with aligning on a national standard for osteopathic clinical skills in the future.
As efforts move forward in the planning and execution of the project, the NBOME will continue to publish the progress of further pilot development and administration to ensure that all COMs can follow updates to this investigative process.
The NBOME appreciates the time and effort taken by all COMs that applied.
The NBOME Board of Directors will be reviewing pilot results and making a recommendation for the future of the C3DO project in June 2025. Currently, COM deans provide verification that each graduate has demonstrated fundamental osteopathic clinical skills competency to satisfy the clinical skills requirement for COMLEX-USA and Level 3 eligibility. This verification is in place through the Class of 2027. See Level 3 Eligibility for more details.