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How DO You Treat Yourself?

This Valentine’s Day week, we took to X and Instagram to ask our DO students and residents how they treat themselves while studying for COMLEX-USA. With over 730 comments, we are excited to be able to share those throughout 2024 for our #WellnessWednesday campaign to help promote self-care and mental health within the osteopathic community.

From plant adoption to cleaning the apartment and pickle ball to new recipes, we saw so many interesting and thoughtful ways that students treat themselves, and we hope that others can glean new ideas and ways to apply that to their own free time as well!

Pie Chart of how DO students treat themselves

Below, you can take a look at the collection of comments on how DO students and residents treat themselves:

How DO You Treat Yourself? – All Responses
elizabethturner91 Trip to the winter farmers market with my twin sister to pick up treats from @pieparty_
ashleyykeane playing catan with my friends
baileytbrown Going outside for sun!
katiebraffitt Taking my dog for walks
bgunt20 Watching the TV show “Castle”!
canadianbaconlaiken I like to take my dog, Fern, on lots of long walks! It makes her happy!
taramck3nna cooking with my roommates when they’re also taking a study break
shannon.weatherly Spending time with @taramck3nna!!
8393lucas I learn to cook/bake something new
goldenjared17 I like watching the Celtics
sophhhiia Getting a mani pedi
emmymarie42 Getting out in the sunshine ☀️ ☀️☀️
emytthomas Good food and a good show:)
mehlimar Early bedtime
jetsetjesi Lots of coffee ☕️ and walks with my puppy
doctorgbaby I like to treat myself to 40 mins of gaming time. My current favorite game is God of War.
mdiscenz Eating my feelings!!
thewhitecoatchronicles I buy myself pretty yarn for crochet projects
thedaysofkay binge watching youtube vlogs!
zanedire I like to read fantasy books. I also light a candle and enjoy being on the phone with the my family!
lexly03 Going for a walk‍♀️(when the weather allows)
anna.sea.holcomb I make time everyday to read for fun, I exercise, hang out with my dog, and go out for French fries at the end of every rotation!
yashaswiparikh lighting some candles and taking a bubble bath 🙂
pagingdoctormegan Long workouts at the gym!
jessicalundyyy I like to watch my favorite show after I’m done studying
babysquishy A nice deep tissue massage after a practice exam is always a nice reset before the study doom returns!
cduechle33 A good book a cup of tea
jessica_reyes9610 Going to gym or on a run or watching the challenge!
alexloperfito Golf with classmates!
chefjoetrav Cooking for my wife and snuggling with our puppy!
zeynepxo Real housewives
mnromain 90 day fiancé!
yasyasiii Take myself on a hike/walk and spend time with friends
beccashaneck Always prioritizing adequate sleep, 7-8 hrs a night
imrankhan.gif Taking time to make and eat a home cooked meal
srav._ going on a walk
mariawin When I want to treat myself I get a coffee at a nice coffee shop, go to the gym and hit the sauna, then take a nice long, full shower day and slather on all my favorite skincare products. Spending time with my boyfriend and friends always is guaranteed to make me happier as well.
f.3636 Playing soccer ⚽️
ashkhan I work out ️‍♀️
sophiadyang Getting bomb food or snacks I love!
bailey.lenamond Watching a Disney movie
sydney.boudreaux Watching grey’s anatomy!
brynnstacken1 I take a long walk outside and enjoy nature!
jenna_steinberger Going to the gym & getting outside for a walk by the lake!
courtneykleindl I enjoy taking a relaxing hot bubble bath to treat myself!
laibaahmedd trying out new recipes ️!!
nguyen_199 Bubble bath!
jennreadd Getting a milkshake
franny.mineo Margarita Mondays with my friends after exams !
claire.midd Reading a good book 🙂
zacho_19 Going to a movie with my partner! Nice little escape from reality
nikithap8 Enjoying a chocolate chip cookie with my roomie ❤️
nutmeg_135 Spending time with friends playing pick up soccer ⚽️
cmcshannic Taking my pups for a walk
artiich0ke do a face mask, watch love island, and eat chocolate whilst ignoring the impending sense of doom from my anki cards piling up
shelbinmattathil Getting food and watching Grey’s Anatomy!
michael.ryan.7 Trying new foods and scheduling fun things to look forward to like TB Lightning games
racheyrapp Yoga
patryk_tomz Going to the gym and working out!
sabrina.fagan Try a new baking recipe each week
armeetsingh_ To relax I love weight lifting and cooking fresh meals! Also spending time with loved ones
kaytayray Enjoying days with my fiancé guilt free, turning off my phone, and allowing myself to stay in bed all day
_atepj Play with my son!!
marlon__13 Pickup basketball
cattmermaid I paint and restore art
vctrujillo27 Spending an evening Belting out a good ‘ol Broadway show tunes
sando_fanous I like to go on walks on the trail at my school!
alylylylyssa Running with my dog on the riverwalk!
yajtooj23 Minecraft!!!
lindseyjoy25 Love taking some time to cook a fun meal!
morganminner_ Listening to a podcast while baking
alisonmautner Friday nights off
sarahmirkhaef going to the gym
alissa_patel watching the bachelor
_tristanmoseley Ordering a party pack of sushi and watching Survivor!
ramyae27 I like working out and painting
abbysambience Lifting weights, dancing, hiking, reading fantasy books and movies! Among other things
hanna_ehrenberg Walks outside!
joeyneub Coffee and gym
mahiarahman Cooking/dinner date with my husband!
sophiaxcviii Dance, get outside in nature, spend time with loved ones!
applesnum A full night of sleep
amulyadiyyapaul Dancing!!! shopping spree , or a movie night!
marathon2medschool Walks on the beach with my dog
bellaaacook Going for a midday workout !!
maykennan11 True crime podcast breaks between practice question sets!!
r2d2ritu Scheduling time with friends, going to Trader Joe’s and working out!
kenziekateallen making time to be active and get outside everyday or taking an hour to watch an episode of my favorite show!!
carlene.h22 A nice massage or a walk in the sunshine at the beach or park
kayla_brittany21 I love going on a walk in nature while listening to a great audiobook!!
alexgatewood Watching my favorite bravo shows
annelleamsy Ice cream
hjcurrie Eating a bowl of taco soup and watching The Big Bang Theory!
evelynfaithpowell Take a coffee break at a cafe once a week to change the study atmosphere.
sheila_vakili movie nights with friends!
kevinspired I sleep in since I spend most of my awake time in school
msahyouni3 Walking my dog
abby.hall0 Through exercising!
naqiya.ujjainwala hanging out with my friends and going out to eat!
lexly03 Going to the gym with my significant other! ❤
hiddenblooms Taking breaks to go for a walk or reading/watching something to unwind
stierwalt.tori Friday nights off! Dinner with friends. Every few weekends, dedicated to my significant other. Figure out what’s going on in the world beyond major headlines. Take care of mind body and soul!
michaelchenfanclub Cooking, taking pictures with friends, singing john mayer songs
_isabeln Cooking, playing volleyball, driving to Irvine and San Diego to visit friends and family!
__lyysa__ Tv and journaling
reagadair Meditation, movement & making memories with friends and family
bijitadevkota I love going to the gym, doing a face mask, and relaxing by watching TV!!
cherryyanne I grab a latte from my favorite shop!
brian.dickson19 Spending time with my wife, dog, and cats.
brandonw1215 Schedule breaks to go to the gym and play video games
alyssa.armsbury Hiking in the mountains with my husband! ️
rohanjaygupta I like to workout, find new coffee shops, and cook with friends!
lindsayadamss Going outdoors (hikes/walks), yoga, cooking/baking, game nights with friends
absoluteclownshoes I make sure to give myself frequent short breaks to check my social media so I can stay focused during my dedicated study time blocks.
diana.ferrigno Yoga with @lessie_farriss
om._.arh Playing soccer with friends!
_ashleekaylene_ I treat myself by spending time outside with my pups & family & working out! ️
joynish traveling ✈️
yendaddy Naps and a tasty beverage
pixel.lana Rock climbing or flying trapeze at the end of the day helps me unwind!
daniellegracen Taking study breaks to exercise! I also cook dinner with my significant other every night and we watch an episode of ER together
esha_parikh playing tag with my cat (poh poh) and bird watching with him!!!
v.h big weights‍♀️‍♀️
danrooyen Cycling , Reading (non-medicine books), Video games with my Wife, Out to eat (Texas Roadhouse cause it’s cheap) and anime.
shrutivarshney10 Spending time with friends/family!
leahs624 Spending time in the pottery studio! I love balancing science and art
kirchohan watching a movie and eating cheesecake
brittany.taylor241 Cuddling with my cats!
chriscool112 Crumbl cookie!!!
thedaysofkay a trip to nothing bundts for a chocolate chocolate chip bundlet
katwinlemoo By setting aside time to exercise every day
kate_elizabeth127 go on walks around my school campus with my friends in the evenings!
lindahoainguyen I’ll allow myself blocks of “me time” by working out, watching a show, or catching up with friends and family outside of medical school.
lydia.sohn love picking up a new hobby to learn a new skill that isn’t related to school! It’s also been such a fun way to meet more classmates and destress after a long day of studying. The current hyperfixation is pickleball!
lovextyanna After a long day of studying…phone on do not disturb and TV set to my favorite shows
patricklee161 Spending time with my girlfriend, watching jeopardy, and cooking!
marissamckenna watching love island with my roommate!
carlywoodard19 Going to the gym!
therealjakeholloway Going to coldstone with my significant other!
carlywoodard19 Going to the gym or a long walk with my dog❕
jeffreyhabel_ I’ll watch an episode of a show I like after studying for certain number of hours.
kiley_gagain Spending time w my puppy & going on long walks!
jiaaaaaayiiiiii I go to the gym, play video games, or read non medical related books!
jsiegy24 Nails and coffee ☕️
_alisan Reading a book or trying a new recipe!
shi_sleeps Going to the gym, painting and reading!
eve4__ After a super stressful week, I love sitting down with a glass of wine and binging my current favorite K Drama!
brittanybedard Taking our dogs to their favorite park with my boyfriend!
hannahnoel_87 Reading a book
nimanthi_kumara Cooking and trying new recipes
workingpremed Visit the library often and make sure I read before bed every night✨
guovocado I like to try out a new recipe!
prarthna_shah Long walks & gym!
andrewneel_ Breakfast Pizza from QuikTrip
_lovemialways Dance classes at my local studio! I usually attend hip hop or heels classes
siddy53 Play basketball!
marissakrager I make myself shut off the questions/study videos for dinner with my family and bedtime for my infant daughter, then I can get back to it but those times are sacred.
aurvaksh Golf Simulator, and hit the driving range!!!
carol.r.grace Paint by numbers, going on a hike, and yoga
_bevsay A good Pilates workout and spa day
brianna_fernandez Cozy up on the couch with a good book
emmaazing_ I treat myself to listening to my favorite songs and dancing around my apartment
bigmacplss Calling family members back home and getting updated on the drama I’ve missed!!
sky.much A nice hike
dinamoaly Getting some sunlight ☀️☀️☀️
alex_vaezazizi gym workouts and video games
maryyoussief I will go for a coffee and sweat treat with my friends after most exams
cynthiaeatsgood spa day
nick_vasil_ Working out a few times per week!
bhumika_95 street tacos forever
sheischarmin I journal, read wellness books, stand at my desk and go on walks. I like to eat dinner with friends
yeahclauds Evening walks with my husband and pup
alvin.stanley Catch up with some friends and ball up
raquel_angelique Taking a walk outside and listening to fun music!
cami_isabelle_ EXERCISE, getting outside in nature (hiking, skiing, nature walks, going out to dinner with my partner, and lots of naps
alexiss_margaret Reading a good romance book!
emilyhootsell_ Going for a walk in my neighborhood with an iced coffee!
gianina_elise I draw and/or go on a fun date with my partner
gkeck_31 Going on a walk with my golden retriever and fiancé
heather_paul22 Go out to eat at my favorite restaurant with a friend! ❤
paymurphy Long workouts bc #selfcare & petting all the dogs (mine included)
davidchasebroderick Watching Disney movies with my daughter
irenonsense Face mask, an actual meal, and random 2000s movies
raynap614 getting a sweet treat
braden.cunningham123 Snuggles with my little girls while watching Avatar: The Last Airbender!
kami_beis Exercise gym during the week and then team sports on the weekend ⚽️
savannahconine Reading or reality TV
taylor__rinn Reading a good book while drinking tea!
becomingdr.borrero Playing pickleball with friends
jamiemckermit I make myself a rather typical med student meal (Mac and cheese) and watch Korean drama
snehavarghese15 Haagen-Daaz’s coffee with almond toffee crunch icecream ✨
jess.chastain Going to the gym especially after exams 🙂
cameron_kelly_ Phone on DND & Netflix
rewlise Drawing, painting, anything not school related!!
jennelle_nor Taking one night off a week to do whatever
veeveltre Hanging out with my fiance and kitty! I treated myself to a concert last weekend, and it was amazing!
andrewbro97 Carne Asada Fries
joaquinfranco67 Guilt free date with my wife. Allowing myself to not think of anything else but that moment in front of me.
modo0419 Once a week, I forget I’m a med student and go snowboarding (I know I won’t forget what I learned, a single day off won’t kill me)
jelissa_h Karaoke with anyone I can drag with me
aa_moinuddin homemade’ latte with the works
bricarah Going on family adventures with my son and husband!
hannahberhow Rewatching Harry Potter movies ‍♀️
emmayanacek Going on walks with friends
mgraeca I treat myself by planning little rewards like fun snacks or facetiming with friends between practice question blocks to motivate myself to get through!
thelifeofmelb sleeping 8 hours every night
bradleychris17 Spending time with my wife
spencervroegop Taking time to exercise! Snowboarding in particular this winter
matt_bartolozzi Cooking myself a real dinner!
millermnm24 Playing DnD with my friends!
lifeasadrienne Crying with friends while studying and then taking breaks to exercise, eat food, and remembering to enjoy life!
matttolis golf with @michael.ryan.7
mspizzles I like to think about my life choices and cry. How about you @nazyeh
madukagunasinghe Stretching first thing in the morning!
kayleigh_pignato taking breaks to do things that make me happy! reading, trying new coffees, playing with my dogs!
leahdunn Exercise
swarnimadas Dancing with friends!!
valleriiyya Going on a long hike with my dog and husband!
chloe__ruby Reading fantasy books and making sure to get some sunshine
lexagingersnap Going for a hike somewhere new!
alexsuszczynski Dinner date with fiancé
levistacken Cooking supper fun & new supper recipes with my wife!
tay_nay15 I like to go to the gym or go on daily hot girl walks in the morning!
garrett_pierce5 Taking time to either play with my dog or taker her on a walk!
kathleen.shay watching the bachelor with friends on Monday nights! 🙂
reni.gandhi37 Buying a big chocolate cake and eating it without any judgement
@Summers_sweetst I treat myself by honoring my body with a massage when my body feels tense or treating myself to a nice meal to satisfy my taste buds
@Meghanmed1 I found morning meditation to be a great way to get in the right headspace and prepare myself for a long day of studying!
@KasandraSanidad It can be hard to take care of yourself during such a stressful time. I like to reconnect with my mind and body by doing 15-30min of yoga. ‍♀️
@starLeaf8 I treat myself by listening to music or a podcast and going out for a walk in a park.
@SanjoliMed I buy myself pretty yarn for crochet projects
@rock_flag_emily I treat myself by eating ice cream!
@Nessssaaaaa I treat myself by hanging out with my friends and family … oh and cuddling with my cat watching TV and eating ice cream haha
@Sandra__Fanous Playing fetch with my cat!
@StudentDocSH a long walk outside with my pup
@OGVanessaC Hot girl walks to get coffee
@YamekeF Head to target and buy whatever my heart desires
@zach_d67 I typically go fishing or do something outdoors.
@AlexGolden117 I head over to @BlackSwanYoga for a hot yoga session a few times a week
@Lacriymosa Matcha ice cream!!!
@sam_hudson5 Tennis, TikTok, and Tennessee Sports
@futureDrChilds Iced Coffee!
@banh_marian After a good study session, I treat myself to a large acai bowl and take my dog to the park! While my dog gets an hour of fun/exercise, my belly gets filled with deliciousness! It’s the perfect win-win situation!
@andrewneel_ my wife and I spend time together laughing watching Scrubs
@UdisaC Workout!
@UdisaC Being under the orange lights @orangetheory Downtown Wichita! #LYSCOMSAE
@Julia_Moonbeam Family time and good food 🙂
@Ahmad_E_ Ice cream
@alysonmarie_13 Play pickleball with my friends!
ansleywm I treat myself by attending yoga classes and reading @kristinhannahauthor books
__miracle______ Going to the farmers market every Saturday for a little brain break!
thedaysofkay reading my kindle for at least 30 mins before bed!
bigmacplss Starting a K-drama and turning my phone on do not disturb!
aa_moinuddin take the nap. you earned it
andrewbro97 Burritos
ewitsmili spending time with my cat!
muaaz.tariq.9 Coffee and gym
katiebraffitt Trips to starbucks
hannahnoel_87 Shopping trips to TJ maxx
danrooyen Taking a minute to breathe, otherwise it’s easy to keep moving without a thought to self-love.
yajtooj23 Spending time with my wife
joynish shopping
sidsterashbro I treat myself with yoga classes or meditation sessions. It gives me a moment to unwind and relax. These mindfulness techniques are just some of the skills I learned from @thedakotainitiative
taramck3nna shopping for furniture for my first apartment with my bf!
ashleybradley_ A quite evening in with a face mask, dark chocolate, and a romcom!
mannylinarte Go for a walk/run and listen to my fav podcast
bgunt20 I go on a run!
raquel_angelique I love going out to coffee shops to spend time with a friend or even solo and listening to an audiobook!
bricarah Relaxing at the end of the day by reading a few chapters from my latest book
shrutivarshney10 Experimenting with a new recipe/dish for dinner
brittany.taylor241 Taking a break to do my favorite hobbies, crocheting and embroidery
eve4__ Wearing masks during anatomy lab, late night greasy snacks, and stress can take a toll on your skin! I love turning on slow jams and giving myself a facial/doing nightly skin care. It gives me a chance to unwind to put love into my skin
emily.madisyn Buying all the Girl Scout cookies!
irenonsense Decorating vases with my bestiesss
hjcurrie Taking a nap at the end of a long day!
bradleychris17 I make dinner with my wife!
emmymarie42 I take a ballet class once a week. Have to make time for hobbies
laibaahmedd going on walks
baileytbrown Going to the beach
claire.midd Taking a nap!
jul_feliciano Trying a new coffee shop ☕
brianna_fernandez Taking a walk with my dog
hanna_ehrenberg Making plans with friends!
jazcam_04 Music and vanilla bean ice cream
bellaaacook Hot Pilates or if I can a little trip
brian.dickson19 Ping pong or watching a movie
amulyadiyyapaul I love to take Pilates or make really yummy fresh meals to keep myself motivated!!
millermnm24 Drinking tea in the sunshine ☀️
whysosameen Hanging out with family or going outside
gkeck_31 I like cooking with my family
veeveltre Took the night off last night and had a movie night because was feeling burnt out but then had a great study day today ❤
cameron_kelly_ dinner date with friends
ramyae27 I enjoy going on walks
emmayanacek Taking a break outside on my balcony
brittanybedard Doing a little Netflix binge of whatever I’ve been waiting to watch!
sando_fanous Watching a Netflix show!
madukagunasinghe Daily scheduled naps lol
selaeight A date with my husband and my baby bow!❤️❤️❤️
emmaazing_ I treat myself by bundling up no matter the weather and taking walks outside to get sun on my face and fresh air ✨
sophhhiia getting a coffee ☕️
nick_vasil_ Going out fishing!
savannahconine Netflix with my kitties
zanedire I tend to go to the book store with my sister and just look around for things I want to read at some point! I love increasing my collection
levistacken Taking some time to plan out the next vacation to go on with my wife!
june00bug Go for a walk and catch some pokemon
alyssa.armsbury Guilt-free phone time!
dinamoaly Going to a vegan cooking class
zacho_19 Taking a day off to get in the mountains!
prarthna_shah Online shopping!
carol.r.grace Taking my dog for a walk
v.h lifting weights ‍♀️
alexiss_margaret Watching sports and cheering on my favorite teams
sarahmirkhaef getting a coffee at a coffee shop
kdfugle_1 Taking time for myself at the end of a study day to cuddle my cats, pop on a comfort show, and snack on popcorn.
goldenjared17 I like watching the Celtics
matt_bartolozzi Going for a walk in Central Park!
raynap614 watching the bachelor!!!
canadianbaconlaiken Taking my dog for a walk!
hiddenblooms Baking!
abby.hall0 Taking time to play with my dog!
sydney.boudreaux Going get Starbucks
brynnstacken1 Making some cinnamon rolls and watching a movie!
chloe__ruby Starting the day with a latte and a muffin from my local coffee shop!
armeetsingh_ Reading and drinking tea ☕️
jennreadd Pilates + iced latte
mahiarahman Going for a walk!
swarnimadas Lighting a candle, drinking chai and reading a book for fun!
lydia.sohn Treat myself to sushi on test weekends to keep the good vibes rolling!
brandonw1215 Boba and sushi!
emilyhootsell_ Going for walks or a good nap!
cami_isabelle_ Reading a good book for hours on end
yashaswiparikh buy myself a fresh bouquet of flowers <3
kirchohan Watching a movie with my friends!
maykennan11 Baking myself banana bread!!
cherryyanne Doing yoga!
courtneykleindl I treat myself by doing a HIIT workout. I love the way I feel afterwards!
snehavarghese15 Love to catch up on anime shows
thelifeofmelb Go outside and get some sunshine
esha_parikh Finding a new pasta recipe and cheffing it up with some wine!!!
kami_beis Going to dinner at the end of the week for some yummy food
mspizzles I treated myself by having study sessions with the famous @niko.spyro ❤️
shannon.weatherly Hot yoga ‍♀️ and lemon water!
lindseyjoy25 I love treating myself to my favorite coffee shop once a week! Major lavender latte fan
shelbinmattathil Hanging with friends!
liz.mouw Baking a new dessert and then sitting down with a good book!
bijitadevkota I like to go to a coffee shop and buy coffee and a pastry
nikithap8 Going on a walk with my friends❤️
diana.ferrigno Cooking a new recipe‍
kiley_gagain Cooking & trying new recipes!
_atepj Lounging in my backyard with a shaken espresso and good book!! Hmmm heaven!! ☺️
beccashaneck Hiking and exploring outdoors.
nimanthi_kumara Takeout and Netflix
ashleyykeane Baking chocolate chip cookies
reni.gandhi37 Sometimes on some days, I just sleep. Give my body what it is clearly asking form
mckensiebevens Watching the Chiefs win the Super Bowl!
kallieclements Taking my dog for a walk at the dog park, even if the weather is poor
sophiadyang Read a good book!
tallon_muhlestein By spending time with my classmates playing pingpong
jess.chastain Taking my doggie on a walk
bhumika_95 yoga and meditation!
alissa_patel online shopping … my weakness
nutmeg_135 I make plans with my loved ones so I have something to look forward to during the stressful times!
sdickinson16 Playing pickleball with my friends!
clearlynemi Yogie over here
naqiya.ujjainwala grabbing a sweet treat from a coffee shop while studying!
tay_nay15 I like to go to the gym or go on daily hot girl walks in the morning!
baytalghurabaa Spending time with family
@Nessssaaaaa Took the night off last night and had a movie night because was feeling burnt out but then had a great study day today ❤
@Meghanmed1 Being intentional with my social time and scheduling time to hang out with friends!!
@rock_flag_emily I treat myself with coffee and chocolate!
@StudentDocSH Painting
@UdisaC I destress by cooking for friends and family
@Ahmad_E_ going to the gym
@graceobartlett4 I treat myself to walks with my pup I adopted in September
vrushabhdaga I treated myself by hosting a wine and movie night with some of my close medical school friends and enjoying a break together
christianfang_ Spending time with my dog
zarakgandapur Jogging my memory with the viscerosomatic chart
baytalghurabaa Spending time with my fam
britt_nguyen_ going out to eat at a new restaurant
bricarah An evening workout to help clear my head after a long day
daniellegracen Taking the dog for a walk to get some fresh air and vitamin D!
alexelgoodguy eating my beautiful wife’s @itsmelba ‘s banana bread, and having a movie night. OMS-Couples that study together stay together.
michelleeeriedel A matcha latte and good books!
kevinspired Video games
smattaphoto i treat myself with yoga and spending time outside!
brittanybedard Getting to eat dinner with my boyfriend!
vasileak Going on a longer walk with my dog
nutmeg_135 I go to bed early on days when I’m just too tired to effectively study any more
aa_moinuddin Redeeming 7-eleven points
misshospitalitystonecounty I treat myself with a warm vegan birthday cake cookie and a comedy movie!
raquel_angelique I like to sit around a fire pit with my family and talk!
thedaysofkay i love a good long walk with my doodle pup!
mckensiebevens Playing pickleball and going to trivia nights with my peers
rachel.e.woodbury Valentines dinner tonight with my hubby!
shrutivarshney10 Sitting in the sunshine ☀️
taylordmurdock My wife and I cook delicious Korean food!
cameron_kelly_ retail therapy
june00bug Take photos of medical snakes in the wild @medicalsnake
jess.chastain Catching up on some well deserved anime
maryyoussief Doing some yoga! my cats will even join in from time to time
emily.madisyn Coffee! And chocolate!
gkeck_31 I treat myself by having a movie night with my fiancé and dog
emmymarie42 Making time for hobbies
philip_wes Sitting poolside with a nice book. Perks of school in Florida!!
joynish ✨ going to dinners ✨
troyshipman Daily trips to the gym to get rid of any negative energy and have a change in scenery
daliaziz10 Reading manga and watching anime
bijitadevkota I like to try a new book
swarnimadas Facetiming my family:)
kierstencartwright12 I love going for walks and runs outside! It’s the perfect way to refresh and reset before diving back into studying.
hiddenblooms Reading and listening to music
danillia2 Take my dog on a walk and play with him 🙂
aaron_deweerd A cup of tea and lighting a candle!
brynnstacken1 Go out to eat with a group of friends!
armeetsingh_ Taking a long nap!
claire.midd Playing with my kitties ‍⬛
r2d2ritu Going on walks by the river and watching a fun TV show!
jul_feliciano Watching a new movie on a Friday night!
alexiss_margaret Watching a show with friends
zanedire I made cinnamon rolls for myself today! Happy Valentine’s Day!
carol.r.grace See a movie in theaters
sidsterashbro Reading American literature! It has been a goal of mine to read a book a month.
hannnahwelp I treat myself with ice cream and spending time with friends
emmaazing_ I treat myself by keeping a smile on my face, and finding joy and laughter in how my day is going even if it’s a mess
elizabethturner91 Playing Fortnite with friends online
skylerstovall Go on a hike to get some fresh air/overlook a nice view
ansleywm I treat myself by reading @kristinhannahauthor books!
yung_oski Hitting the gym with friends!
cherryyanne Playing video games with family and friends!
cami_isabelle_ Baking- I made an olive oil cake for Valentine’s Day
lexly03 Skin care break! Putting on my favorite facemask and turning on my oil diffuser, and meditate ❤
emilyhootsell_ Watching tv and baking!
maddy25e Playing Fortnite and I played college tennis so I try to play tennis/exercise when I can
babysquishy Taking a restful nap after a long day of cranking the noodle (aka brain) at full speed
alyssa.armsbury Sitting down with a good book
sando_fanous Listening to music
kenziekateallen By taking a break to walk outside !!
yasyasiii Hosting game nights with friends
bradleychris17 Gardening and cooking!!
bellaaacook A long run on the beach !!! It’s the best
kami_beis Watching a tv show- currently on rotation: Suits ‍⚖️
sophiadyang Watch a comfort show that makes me happy
prarthna_shah Cooking new recipes!
jordan_lowrimore I scheduled “me time” that gives myself a chance to prioritize things I enjoy like working out, baking, spending time with family and friends!
alexgatewood Puzzles
laibaahmedd shoppingggg ️
clearlynemi Enjoying a non medical book
abby.hall0 Trying new recipes!
lindseyjoy25 Taking time do grab dinner or do something fun with friends is a great escape from stress of studying!
matt_bartolozzi Going out with friends!
lydia.sohn Did a mocktail night with the girls not too long ago and it was the perfect study break!
emmayanacek Getting fancy drink from a coffee shop
raynap614 Watching tv!!
levistacken Watch a tv series on Netflix with my wife!
franny.mineo Walking around the park by my apartment and binge watching suits !
hjcurrie Researching residency programs lol while listening to chill music
jueejoshi99 Going for a long drive and treating myself
mdiscenz Watching Real Housewives on Bravo!!
madukagunasinghe Cleaning my house during study breaks
vaish_07 Starting my day off with a workout class!
im_staceyy Watching tv and going shopping!
caitlynnsmithmcgregor Reading for fun
mspizzles I treat myself by reading great books and crying about them with @emilyaevans.
__miracle______ Reading a good book while drinking a cup of tea
bhumika_95 I watch a good bollywood movie!!
kate_elizabeth127 Going out to dinner with my friends once a week!
paymurphy Watching old episodes of greys anatomy
itsmelba I treat myself to music in the mornings. It gets me going with a soft boost of energy, helps to center me, and kickstarts an intentional good flow for the day.
brandonw1215 Taking time to cook a really nice meal
nimanthi_kumara Hanging out and decompressing with friends
kallieclements Watching a movie I’ve already seen with my favorite comfort food and a warm blanket!
sdickinson16 Going on a hike with friends!
shannon.weatherly Work out classes with friends
reni.gandhi37 I treat myself to a bucket of chocolate ice creamer when I am really stressed and sad
kiley_gagain Going to the gym & having girl’s night!
chloe__ruby Movie nights with my friends!
dayoolatunji_ A quick weekend trip with my friends for a change of scenery
c_chapman0515 Coffee walks with friends!! Especially on warm, sunny days!
jourdanstaffier buying a new plant
ramyae27 Reading a good book
jennreadd Reading Sarah J Maas books
liz.mouw Enjoying ice cream and a show!
cassie_holub Take my dog outside for a long hike
babyyysal Walking my dog
turnerdonlin Cook myself one of my favorite meals
mahiarahman Reading a good book for fun!
sophhhiia Getting a good workout in ‍♀️
naqiya.ujjainwala Getting to the gym and lifting️‍♀️
thelifeofmelb A little daily movement or exercise ‍♀️️‍♀️
deargreer Bought a new plant ♥️
esha_parikh Try to do some DIY furniture craft!!!
tallon_muhlestein I treat myself by playing ping pong on campus with classmates
ashleyykeane reading a good psychological thriller
kdfugle_1 Going for a hike in the Chugach Mountains with my boyfriend on my study break day.
zeynepxo Walk in the park
yeahclauds Morning gym sessions!
alexsuszczynski An evening walk with my dog to finish the day
eminmedicine I’ll try creating a new recipe or replicating a dish I come across on social media
abbysambience Listening to some live music on the weekend
rewlise I love baking!
sydney.boudreaux Going on a run with a couple of friends!
zacho_19 Spending a little extra for really good coffee to keep the engine running
sukritiprashar an early morning workout to set the tone for the rest of the day! wakes me up, gives me a great endorphin high, and puts me in a productive mindset
@SophiaBonenfant I treat myself by taking a study break/cat nap with my best friend
@christina_baum3 I treat myself by spending time outdoors, regardless of the weather!
@BethanyMPauly I treat myself by calling my family or friends
@rock_flag_emily I treat myself with sweet treats
@dayolat_ Me and the girls go for brunch, with mimosas ofc
@Yameke Buy a bunch of snacks and have a show/movie night with friends
@Meghanmed1 Retail therapy
@bkoruthu shopping
@melba_avalos I treat myself to music in the mornings. It gets me going with a soft boost of energy, helps to center me, and kickstarts an intentional good flow for the day.
@SophiaBonenfant I treat myself by going out for ice cream (yes, even in the Northeast winter!)
@rock_flag_emily I treat myself by spending time with family!
@DOctorcayenne Great food, better wine, and binge watch Netflix
@BethanyMPauly watching my favorite show in between study sessions
@YamekeF Hit the gym and then treat myself with ice cream afterwards!
@Meghanmed1 Spending time in Nature! This could be a nice walk or even a hike with friends.
@StudentDocSH Watercolor painting ✨
@yaniitzaaa I treat myself by trying out new hobbies, like pottery and painting ceramics! ¨̮ #LYSCOMSAE
mspizzles I treat myself by sending memes to @nazyeh
nazyeh @mspizzles I treat myself by having a little bed rot every night
maykennan11 Take myself for a walk or run out in the sun to get those serotonin and dopamine levels going!
jourdanstaffier retail therapy
ashleyykeane listen to music on my record player
matt_bartolozzi Catching up on my favorite tv shows or movies!
nimanthi_kumara Reading for fun
esha_parikh Sometimes I just sleep the whole day, nothing better than a solid 12 hour nap post exam
babysquishy A good Netflix binge night
alyssa.armsbury Spending time with my husband!
jennreadd pasta and wine + romcom
aaron_deweerd Going for a walk with friends!
prarthna_shah pickleball!
sando_fanous Getting tacos with friends!
taka.len Scrapbooking and painting in my journal!
thedaysofkay i love painting my own nails, a little at home manicure!
brynnstacken1 Playing a game of tennis with my husband!
mahiarahman Spending time with family and with good food!
_isabeln Work out, listen to music, call my friendS
lexly03 Put on my favorite show (criminal minds) ❤
irenonsense Chillin with my cat
zanedire I rely on my friends to get me through. I treat myself by prioritizing time with them and their wisdom
philip_wes Bar trivia with the friends
franny.mineo Cleaning my apartment while listening to music !
shrutivarshney10 Self-care with face masks, nail paint, and a good movie
jul_feliciano Check out my Spotify discover weekly!
kate_elizabeth127 I like to crochet little presents to give to my friends and family!
raynap614 tacos>>>>
kierstencartwright12 I listen to podcasts while I do chores around the house! It’s a good break for my brain but I still feel productive 🙂
audreybourdages Roller Derby
kiley_gagain Watching my favorite TV shows
june00bug Make a chainmaille shirt to get my creative juices/diffuse thinking going. Also so I have some sort of armor in case I someday end up a doctor/barber at a Renaissance faire. You know, to be safe.
paymurphy Going on walks & seeing the sunshine
skylerstovall By going on a night drive around mountains/farmland
emily.madisyn Cherry vanilla diet Dr Pepper
thelifeofmelb Light a candle and play some nice music ️
lindseyjoy25 Getting outdoors in anyway especially now that it’s warming up a little bit! Sunshine is a great way to boost the mood ☀️
alexiss_margaret Going for a walk
baileytbrown Get a little coffee!
elizabethturner91 Singing the tune of songs but replacing the words with lyrics about my dogs they love when I sing to them
cami_isabelle_ Retail therapy sometimes works wonders for me ️
tay_nay15 I also love treating myself to the biggest juiciest burger plus a side of fries and a PB milkshake. But only as a treat I promise
abby.hall0 Buying myself a sweet treat from the grocery store after a long week!
sophiadyang Talk to amazing and fun family and friends I love so so much
ramyae27 FaceTiming friends
sophhhiia watching a movie with the family
kdfugle_1 Going for a swim at the local pools open lap swim!
sidsterashbro I treat myself by brewing tea. My favorite book growing up was “The Teashop Girls,” so over the years I collected tea pots, strainers, etc. It makes me happy to take time and brew a steaming cup of tea.
kirchohan Journaling with some coffee
kenziekateallen Spending time w family!!
levistacken Go out and have supper with my friends!
hannnahwelp I treat myself with going to the gym for a good mental break!
brandonw1215 Ice cream runs with my best friends
claire.midd FaceTiming my sister 🙂
chloe__ruby Doing zoom game nights with long distance friends
aa_moinuddin Free OMM
gkeck_31 I treat myself by trying new coffee recipes for my med school-induced caffeine addiction
madukagunasinghe Working out everyday
bradleychris17 I treat myself to watching my favorite shows
baytalghurabaa drinking tea ☕️
rachel.e.woodbury Pasta for lunch !
bgunt20 Watch some reels!
brittanybedard Getting to sit on my patio and enjoy the sun!
bricarah Working on my most recent puzzle
ankita101 picking up my favorite meal and watching a show!
swarnimadas Taking a walk when its nice outside and listening to music, pretending im in a movie
shelbinmattathil taking a nap
troyshipman Taking breaks OUTSIDE
cassie_holub Shopping trips to TJ Maxx!
v.h cooking!
navya.peddireddy reading and watching new tv shows!
eminmedicine Breaking down all the empty package boxes that have accumulated in my living room and tossing them out
alexgatewood Afternoon naps
fariasjltn I treat myself by following a healthy sleep schedule
fannyyluna I treat myself by indulging into my comfort food
hannahnoel_87 Working out
raquel_angelique I treat myself by listening to fun fiction audiobooks!
yasyasiii Spa day ‍♀️
ashkhan Working out!
courtneykleindl I treat myself by buying things on Amazon!
andrewbro97 Ice cream
kami_beis Spa day with face and hair masks ‍♀️
sydney.boudreaux Crawfish
smattaphoto going out for a run!
bongiovannipaula I treat myself by going for nature walks!☀️
esteechikvashvili I walk my dog
vaish_07 Listening to audiobooks!
aurvaksh Taco Bell runs
yeahclauds Night before an exam ice cream run!
michelleeeriedel Getting take-out with friends!
nutmeg_135 Curl up with a blanket and watch one of my comfort shows
cherryyanne I treat myself by spending a little time each day reading books I enjoy !
zacho_19 Ordering in good healthy food when I don’t have time to go to the grocery store
becomingdrchi By going to my fav jazz lounge
armeetsingh_ Watching Instagram reels!
emmymarie42 Online shopping Dress well test well?
joynish shopping
maykennan11 Bubble bath and music!
dinamoaly A romcom for Valentine’s Day ❤❤❤
tay_nay15 Another treat, a spaaaaa dayyyy‍♀️UGHHHH
v.h reading!
shelbinmattathil watching a movie
bgunt20 Playing football with my friends!
@BethanyMPauly getting food!
@yaniitzaaa I treat myself by getting outside and playing tennis
@TheGreatJhaveri Making plans with people after reaching a study goal! Preferably something active like playing tennis or making plans to go rock climbing
@MylesBrew I love to take a whole day to just relax by watching some sports while listening to music (typically smooth rnb or blues). And then I take a couple walks around the neighborhood for 20-30 minutes at a time. #wellness
peterallegre_ A nice jog
shefali.waghray Visiting my friend @mspizzles in Upstate NY
alyssa.armsbury Going out for dinner!
roxyisabellll Working out almost daily via @burnbootcamp
hannahnoel_87 Hanging out with friends
thedaysofkay a nice stroll through Target never lets me down, my fav weekend shopping treat.
rivainni I learn how to do something new! Craft stores or cake decorating/candy making shops, and thrift stores are great places to let creativity flow or pick up a new skill!
baytalghurabaa I like to drink tea to relax ☕️
courtneykleindl Going to the nail salon!
lexly03 Going to my favorite store and do some shopping
emmymarie42 Taking a day off studying here and there just for me to do anything I want that day!
bgunt20 Listening to music!
aaron_deweerd Pickleball and trivia with friends.
skylerstovall Going to the pool on a nice sunny day
mckensiebevens Spending time with my birds
rachel.e.woodbury Art projects and chilling on the couch with my dogs
gkeck_31 I treat myself by cleaning up around the house so I can give my brain a break but still be productive
bradleychris17 I play video games with my friends or watch YouTube during study breaks
zanedire I prefer to engage in mindfulness techniques. Meditation, journaling, I even write poetry. Things that clear out the negative and harness positivity
mikaylah.rose I treat myself by taking study breaks to bake! Lately been working on different breads and canning soups!
kevinspired Going through Anki
madukagunasinghe Just took a mid-day nap. That’s how I treated myself for the day lol
thelifeofmelb Playing board games with friends!!!!
tay_nay15 Most of all… I like taking COMSAEs in order to relax
gina_gherardini Watching New Girl or reading
jul_feliciano Face timing my sisters!
prarthna_shah Face masks and baths!
hjcurrie Taking a drive and listening to music
diana.ferrigno Listening to some music
emytthomas Spending money i dont have on manipedis
smattaphoto visiting @deargreer in chicago <333
jordan_lowrimore I treat myself with getting regular manipedis!
sophiadyang Drink something sweet and refreshing
nimanthi_kumara Pet therapy
elizabethturner91 Baking a new recipe with my brother over FaceTime
june00bug Taking a little bit of time off to build a blanket fort to study in.
bongiovannipaula I treat myself by having a weekly movie night!
babysquishy Playing with my baby niece and nephew so I don’t fully miss watching them grow up
carlene.h22 Talking with a friend who has been there before for encouragement
shelbinmattathil going on a walk! ‍♂️
irenonsense Going on a chill run
deargreer Adopting yet another plant
kgmayfield Going for a walk/being outside in nature!☀️
mspizzles Visiting @shefali.waghray in Delaware
shrutivarshney10 Going to the gym while listening to my favorite music
armeetsingh_ Going on walks with my dog!
cassie_holub Bingeing The Office after an exam!
laibaahmedd going to the beach ️
doss.aidanc Time in the gym and spending time with family and friends.
navya.peddireddy working out & trying new coffee shops
lindseyjoy25 I love spending time with a good book to wind down at the end of the day
emily.madisyn Hanging out with @regan_pompeo ❤
paymurphy Catching up with long distance besties ❤
joynish cofffeeeeee
troyshipman Outside on the golf course ⛳️
brittanybedard Doing my own nails!
brandonw1215 Hiking
emmaazing_ I treat myself by playing pickleball with my classmates!
rewlise Baking or cooking for my friends!
swarnimadas Having an exclusive concert while i take an hour long shower
maykennan11 Resting my eyes after a long day of studying!!!
esha_parikh Tending to my plants, I recently got an Orchid and she is doing great ~ very therapeutic
alexgatewood Walks with friends
chloe__ruby Painting or learning crochet
flowflow18 Karaoke with throwback songs or eating some good food and dessert
kami_beis Walks around the neighborhood and listening to a podcast!
raynap614 doing my nails!
mahiarahman By taking a long nap and sleeping for a few hours! Best feeling ever when you feel refreshed!
alexiss_margaret With @raisingcanes
aurvaksh Outdoor trail runs!
levistacken Going and working out!
kenziekateallen Visit my best friend and her baby!!
__miracle______ By getting my hair done to give myself a little self confidence boost!
sando_fanous I treat myself by learning a new song on my Ukulele
alebroninsta With soft tissue massage so much needed after prolonged sitting and studying
brynnstacken1 Stay in and cook a nice meal with my husband!
kdfugle_1 Gaming with friends or working with one of my many art projects, be it crochet, painting, embroidery, etc
raquel_angelique I love reading a good book while sitting outside!
doctorgbaby I treat myself by learning to make new recipes. I love cooking.
claire.midd Going to see a movie with friends!
clairedrotman I take the rest of the day off from studying, try to cook a new recipe, and catch up with friends!
nutmeg_135 Deep clean my apartment!
jetsetjesi Extended gym sessions ️‍♀️
jourdanstaffier getting dinner with friends 🙂
misshospitalitystonecounty I treat myself with a yummy sweet from my local dessert shop
cami_isabelle_ By relaxing with a nice warm bath after a long day at the hospital!
ramyae27 Watching reality tv
hiddenblooms Going out to dinner with friends ❤️
ashleyykeane spending time with my friends and family @jagroopdoad @alexhcaudill
cherryyanne I find a new recipe to bake!
sidsterashbro I treat myself by video chatting with long distance friends. It is a nice reminder of happenings outside of school.
sophhhiia Therapeutic baking session
audreybourdages Audio books
cuvviee I treat myself with a mini book haul and nice long walk.
zeynepxo Reading
aqsa.kanwal24 i love to unwind by going to gym and getting a good workout in followed by a long shower, delicious meal, and sitting in front of the tv!
shannon.weatherly Reading and having a nice cup of tea
kirchohan Calling a family member!
kate_elizabeth127 I treat myself by listening to music and going on walks multiple times a week
kiley_gagain Getting some sunlight!
brianna_fernandez Baking new recipes
laibaahmedd hanging out with my friendssss

Thank you to everyone who participated!