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How DO Students Love Themselves

In February for Valentine’s Day, we took to social media to ask DO students how they show love to themselves. We recieved more than 700 responses, and will be sharing some of those in our #WellnessWednesday social posts throughout the year. We hope that by sharing these responses, it will help promote pride and self-love within the osteopathic community.

Below, you will see some of the most common ways that DO students show themselves love.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Pie Chart of how DO students love themselves

How DO Students Love Themselves – All Responses
_aaronbautista Making time to gym for at least an hour daily.
_justin_taylor31 Taking a night off and hanging with my fiancé
_maddiegcox cuddling my dog and watching big bang theory
_sam.jacobson By spending some time reading for enjoyment everyday.
_say_soe Buying and playing board games!
24_arodriguez By making time for friends! @maddiebturpen @lauren_s_flores
a_rae_rae14 Making Delicious Meals
aashana.p By making myself 3 meals a day.
@ArianneSerrano_ By taking care of my personal indoor jungle (this is not even half of them) (pic)
abmonk26 Always making time to talk to my support system!
acat.stone Running with @hjcurriee
acbeltrami Spending time with my dog
@curiouskathy98 by taking showers & brushing my teeth. this always seems to be a good reset for me.
adrizzles Working out, reading, and talking/spending time with the people I love!
aiyana58 Surrounding myself with supportive classmates, watching YouTube, and eating delicious homemade food. @homerocoss @asyuh @sebasmezae @ali_segovia8
ajursua By playing music!
akinchita I allow myself time to exercise, do leisure reading, and do meal prep!
alex_wilson98 working out at least 4 days a week!
alexandrajocronin giving myself grace
alexis.de.lacy Taking a moment to enjoy my coffee each morning ☕️
alexisgademsey Light a candle, skincare, tea
allegra777artis Spending time with my husband and daughters, positive thinking and making sure I get enough sleep.
alysonrosehill A good long bath at the end of a day
amundafam Sleeping in and hanging with my loved ones!
angelicag15 Treating myself with food
anhpho_flow By taking time to be mindful in each moment
anisarosee19 Saying prayers and being grateful
antomifam Treating myself to good meals and sharing with friends
arysingam Spending time in nature or with loved ones!
@Din0_AL Go for a run with my kids. Someone has to push the stroller right?!
ashleyarm_ Moving my body everyday, eating healthy meals
ashleybradley_ I show love to myself with evening yoga and dark chocolate.
@Din0_AL Go serve! Find a simple way to give back to the community. Find someone to help. Spontaneous or scheduled, it doesn’t have to be grand but the act of helping another in need makes our own burdens and worries somehow lighter.
ayush.thapa7 Gaming
baby_seel Gym everyday, but my favorite is self-care Saturdays! Face mask, tub, movie.
baileymckinney_ Giving myself a mental break when I need it!
banhhecuame Eat good food and take power naps
beccashaneck Being kind to myself and taking time each day to reflect ☺️
@euglycemic I love myself by understanding that by helping/improving myself I can then be better equipped to be of service to others.
brooke_hightower15 I make time to workout and spend time with family!!
caithobbs13 Making delicious food !
callie___nicole Reading a book after I get my kids in bed!
cbondy3 Gym and yoga!
cduechle33 Knowing when to step away from studying and spend time with family instead
cheystudiesmed Spending time to cook something nutritious and delicious while having fun making it!
chrisalis97 Loving God!
claireschu21 Working out
cody_lanman Getting outside to play some frisbee golf!
colenapier22 Love to others
colleenmispagel Daily walks
connor_9davis Physical Activity
cvino_9 Exercise
dannywlevy Study breaks & practicing non-judgmental self compassion!!!!
dariasaur Getting outside 🙂
deivapiravi10 I love myself by making sure to spend time on my hobbies.
derek_at_ Daily exercise!
dixiechicky To decompress in my hobbies BY MAKING ART
doctors_and_dumbells Staying active & music!
dr.amirkhiabani Making time for the gym and giving back to the community
abbyyoss By checking in with friends and family everyday and giving myself time to relax and recharge each day! And tabletop games/puzzles!
dr.patriot_619 Swimming and weightlifting
dv_nemeth Scheduling a wellness day ahead of time and committing to it! One day to simply be me and be mindful ✨
e.min.nem playing fetch with my dog 🙂
eleanoriodice By cuddling my doggies and taking fitness classes at my local gym
electricelise By taking care of my body mind and spirit and nourishing myself with yummy healthy foods
elenadavid Working out and enjoying a good meal at one of my favorite restaurants!
ellielov3 Going to a nice restaurant
em.frack Working out and reading a book before bed!
emmaprill Cuddling my dog while I study! Helps keep me motivated
ezrayu Going for a 5-6 mile run each day!
farwahaideri sleeping and working out!!
g_r_a_c_e_c_h_e_n Exercising! (& eaating:))
gabyfarabee sleeping
gamoore Taking a night off and spending time with sweet friends!
gatasoyyo Giving my self space to enjoy music and dancing!
gbit4248 Hiking!
gifty_the_g.o.a.t Positive thoughts and talking to family/friends ❤️
giofran With positive affirmations
grace_lee74 Playing tennis!
grace.ah By reflecting on how far I’ve come and appreciating what I have ♥️
hacheaito By sleeping
haizeaaurelie Letting myself sleep in and playing with my dog!
haleyansonn Exercising and spending time with friends/family!
haliejols Taking my dogs for walks and reading
hannahmwhite_35 Coffee and a good book!
heyitshayat walking outside!
adamnewport12 By learning from every mistake in life, making it an opportunity for growth
@FaustianPacts I write my anxieties into a journal to get them out of my head. Today, I wrote about the disability that makes some things more difficult (exams included), and after I wrote it out, I remembered all the ways that I can work around my disability and still do well.
hjcurriee Sleeping in on the weekends!
imajinius Weight lifting
in_nguyen_do Watch Movies!
iobevevino Self care and taking naps
isabellaregine Yoga ‍♀️ with @caithobbs13
its_mysonkim Going on walks and trying new food!
j.r.white95 By doing a COMSAE, JK. Going out with my wife and spending quality time.
jackieberman scheduling daily timers and deadlines @liansunsun
jacobtretinik33 Teaching myself to play piano
jared_jmills Exercising and making time for friends and family!
jasonyamashita Rock climbing ‍♂️
jaysteach Star Wars marathon!
@hopedaskalakis I love myself by waking up early on a Sunday morning, taking my mini husky on a hike while listening to my favorite comedy podcast.
jenniiiibear Cooking meals at home and going on walks with my significant other!
jessbailey_ Running!
@I_am_Lisha Self-care! I treat myself to a delicious Starbucks coffee, take my dog on a walk, and do face masks at night!
jhlandrum98 By consistently working out and drinking good coffee☕️
jinajeunjun Traveling, going for a walk during sunset time, treating myself with good coffee ❤️❤️❤️
jking00 By giving myself time to relax!!
jmichelle_mph Self care
jmpirtle24 Going to the gym
jngu112 Lifting and video games!
jo_with_the_flow_ I love myself by letting myself sleep in on the weekends ❤️
jodibaus Singing in the shower before heading to rotations!
joe2012miller Traveling
jolly_rachers cooking for my friends!!!
jones_tiffany7 Exercising or hanging out with family!
josclark36 Reminding myself that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes and talk through things with loved ones
jourdanstaffier buy myself a new plant
joynish by spending time with my loved ones
jryu13 Treating myself to boba
juanito22121995 Taking care of myself by doing activities such as soccer!
juicyj_whit Getting Mexican food
jwhender89 Spending quality time with the wifey
k_goforth FaceTiming my nephew
kaelenkay Spend time with loved ones whenever I can
kailee_wegehaupt By going for a run
@indoshade Reminding myself that others have love for me and I am a loving person so I deserve the love I give myself.
kaitlyn.mcfar77 Watching guilty pleasure shows, aka Love Island
kaleyprieto My daily walks &&&& food!!!!
kanananan8 By making time for my hobbies as I continue rotations and start board prep @libbyleann @azzyye @theresiajahja @blakebrummy
kasey.doney By taking the time to cook a full breakfast every morning
kassey_ginelle Working and playing with my dog!
kassidyfix Lifting
@janetmback By planning camping trips during vacations so that I have something to look forward to after exams!
katieburd198 Learning how to take time away from school daily and weekly. Moments for family, friends, and myself without guilt.
kauff_drop96 By jamming out to old 2000s alternative tunes!
kayla_brittany21 Going on walks outside with some good music
kaylaa__28 Reading!
keep_the_faith27 By baking bread and cookies and sharing them with friends ☺️
ketty.liang Cuddling my cats!
kiersten_waugh Cycling, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep!
kkellisisland Baking and a long bike ride!
kokeakola15 Spending time with my kittens!
@LexDOesMedicine I surround myself with good, positive, like minded people! No negative energy over here
kristinlsinger By journaling my thoughts
kristynrobling Eating good food!
kyleearthurs By recognizing when it’s time to take a break— and doing that! As hard as it is
lancemaroki Playing basketball whenever I can
lannfisch Hiking! AND WALKING MY DOGS
lauraaaaisbell Good food with friends!
@mckaylamariah I love myself by taking breaks! I’ll go for walks or write in a journal, that way I can prioritize and cultivate my mental health!
lauren_s_flores by exercising in some way every day!!
lauren_yorkie By playing games to decompress!
laurevelti A nice walk around the neighborhood and a hot chocolate
lex.garvin Enjoying all aspects of life during the process
lexly03 Journaling and exercising!
liansunsun Reflecting, journaling, and going to the gym
libbyleann By giving myself grace as I learn as much as I can from each rotation.
lindahoainguyen Exercising and going out with classmates! ❤️
lisa.a.millar rock climbing ‍♀️
liz.mouw I love myself by cooking a healthy dinner!
llhi_im_paull Taking breaks and hammocking at the park
lo_7991 By doing yoga!!!
logan.rubin Playing outside with my dog
luke_cimino Working out, trying local restaurants and calling my parents each week
madari.armin By not paying for digital files.
madisongueningsman Getting outside and leisure reading
magicgirl.jpg Finding good spots to eat at! HANGING WITH FRIENDS
@MRSAmaster Taking time for my family, friends, and hobbies outside medicine! Reminding myself that this is all part of one long exciting journey to make my dreams come true!
malloryjae I make sure I take time to go for a walk with my dog that is >1 mile at least 3x a week.
mariaochiai Going to TJMaxx with friends on Fridays as a treat for the long week full of tests
mariefzaki Service and love for one another
marinafonseca13 Working out and snuggling my kitties ❤️
marisamx3 Making time at the end of each day for doing something that brings me joy
maxmykhlyk Running
mcamendez Playing disc golf!
mcgroke63 Walking/playing with my dog Cali!
mdbebawy Sleeping!
megamazing17 Daily exercise and once a week taking myself to try a new restaurant
megan_m55 Playing Rec sports and/or taking a couple hours to watch TV or a movie that brings me joy, hard to decide between the two!
megan_purich By staying grounded in who I am and not comparing myself to others
meghana.sankaran exercise @giannap_88
meghang__ Gym time
megro103 Playing with my dog, Luka
mehrubaaa128 Love me a nice hot girl walk with a good audiobook
meriah_parker Taking a night off every week for just myself
merytopia Shopping
meschro1 Walking my dog!
mitchell.paulson Going to church and watching Premier League soccer at 6am on Saturdays
mntan Exercising and spending time with my family.
monis.h.a spoiling my dog!
mrselizabethashby I love myself by making sure to get some amount of daily exercise and prioritizing getting enough sleep ❤️
myramaslam spending time with family and running!
naaaptural_ Spending time caring for my plants, watching my favorite tv show, hanging out with family/friends or catching up on sleep!
naheedyd Video Games!
narmisk I love making a meal for myself! Especially going out of my way to make something new.
natalieyoung08 Workout and spending time with loved ones!
nguyen_199 Treating myself to good food!
nikkimehta08 Cooking new dishes!
nimanthi_kumara Cooking and hanging out with my friends
notangelicangel Skincare routine
@NotoriousS1Q3T3 I love myself by taking time each week to treat myself to a nice dinner at a restaurant! No matter how crazy life gets, I do this each week to reset and allow myself time to escape from everything!
o.w.e.n.c.s cooking
oliviakathrynne Cooking meals at home and going on walks!
oliviapupiecc Exercising and reading ❤️
onlypotatoes Sleep at least 8 hours a day
paigemaertz taking myself to get my nails done
palsindh0704 Working out and trying new fitness classes!
pathtodomedicine I take time to get lost in a book or work on a new crafting skill
pauldelgado_ Making time to exercise 4x week!
pedrolarosa1994 Mental breaks by playing basketball
phlyinnhawaiian Sounds stupid but video games and anything with a ball
pjpony Exercising and playing with my dog
@PagingDrNovak I love myself by giving myself enough time to reflect. In medschool sometimes things happen and progress so quickly, I try to stop and smell the roses every once in a while to remember everything I put in to get to where I’m at now and just give thanks.
r.esti coffee ☕️
r2d2ritu Having a solid bed time routine to unwind!
r2woo2 Giving myself time to spend with the people I love
rachchauv Prioritize fitness and health
raeann_dalton Sleeping
rah.ema Getting enough sleep, eating healthy & walking!
rai_soukou Taking time to rest and partake in regular hobbies like soccer games
@SD_Harwood I love myself daily with a hot cup of coffee and water before heading into the clinic. Once there, I remind myself that I’m still a student and still learning so showing myself grace when I don’t have the answers to patients’ questions and lean on my preceptors when I’m unsure.
reni.gandhi36 This may be hilarious but… Watching grey’s anatomy with a box of pizza hahaha even though I have watched this show from start to finish like a bazillion times
rewlise Taking time to paint and cook!
richaeladenlinger Spending time with friends and family
ruxandra.andriescu Bubble bath, candles, and a glass of my favorite wine
sad.do25 Hiking & spending quality time with friends and family
sam_andryk Moving my body and allowing myself to stop at the end of a busy day and go to bed even if there’s more to do
sarafina_112 Taking walks and cooking!
sarah.amaris Watching Real Housewives every Saturday and Sunday morning
scraambledmeggs Sunset walks
lauren_hoffmann By being kind to myself and remembering how much I have improved since the beginning of school. I make time to exercise, spend time with people I love, and practice my faith.
serena_rockstar Taking set breaks to spend time with friends
shantasiat_ Controlling intrusive thoughts by practicing positive thinking!
shelly_luv Taking a nice stroll to class instead of driving ‍♀️
shreyabn working out !! ‍♀️
simpleebekah By giving myself grace whenever I struggle, pick the wrong thing, or don’t finish everything I planned to do.
sofizzzle Making time to go for walks with my dogs, catching up with loved ines, and self care through plants and keeping the house clean
speci4l_k Taking the time to do yoga, go to the gym, and watch tv with my husband❣️
stormylynn7 Weight lifting!
such.a.dahl Grabbing dinner with friends after a long week of studying.
thedarlingdo Quiet time & reflection!
thereemiful By giving myself time for selfcare each day! Skin, hair, nails, makeup!
tranncathys Cooking healthy and not-so-healthy meals
tweetylinh Spending time with the people I love! Traveling & enjoying new experiences
@StudentDocSH #5: hiking trails with my bestie (with pic)
@zach_rol427 Prioritizing time with my wife and non-medical activities too make sure I’m always refreshed and ready for what comes next!
veneethantony Going to the boxing gym, and eating healthy!
vic_martinezz12 Long walks, great music & quality time with family and friends on the weekends!
wefoodtour I am eating quality meals often! Exploring new cuisines is just one way I love myself and those around me. Check out the reels for food recs!
wonder.pho By taking time to be surrounded by nature, every day, even for a little bit By eating something yummy
woolf_ryan Working out and enjoying food
yajtooj23 By giving me a day to myself and no one else. By forgiving myself and giving me grace. By being honest and focus on improvement.
yendys_rose A good stretch or yoga session! ‍♀️
zahacita Going to the gym and eating good food on the daily!
zainabbb97 Spending time with family and friends!
@_ClaudiaTang I love myself by giving myself time to gym after a long rotation day. It allows me to reset!
@_iTob 7 hours of zzzs. Non-negotiable
@_saenz95 Getting my sleep!
@abbycbass By giving myself grace and taking it one day at a time
@AlexGolden117 By taking the time to reward myself by seeing live productions at the local theaters in town!
@alyssalambrec I love myself by stretching me body each day and taking time to get fresh air.
@ArminMadari By commenting on posts to get free stuff.
@ATSU_SOMA_LE I treat myself to my morning smoothie. / I pause and take a few deep breaths
@BrianBurling12 Playing basketball with classmates
@chivajuan22 Taking mental health breaks such as playing soccer!
@curiouskathy98 by spending time with my loved ones
@DukeBayar Doing what makes me happy
abbyyoss I always try to spend time out in nature when the weather is nice! Whether that’s going for a walk, reading outside, sitting at the lake/river to soak up some sun! ☀️
@gfarabeeDO sleeping
@GiorgiFran24 By being myself and accepting the flaws that come with being me
@GraceLi17488908 Exercise!
adrizzles Planning trips and traveling with others or alone to experience new places/food, new people, and personal growth!
sebasmezae Making time for the things that bring me joy. Things like cooking a home-made meal, sharing food with friends, watching movies, and going for a good run!
@joe2012miller By setting aside time to do things that allow me to refocus like cooking and traveling.
@jordyn__austin I love myself by allowing myself to sleep in when I can and watch my favorite shows/movies without feeling guilty!
@keep_the_faith4 By baking cookies and bread and sharing with friends ☺️
@KierstenWaugh01 Cycling, eating good food, and getting enough sleep!
@KKarmilkar100 Eat something nutritious and sleep at least 6 hours a night
@legere_ben20 I love myself by making sure that I take time everyday to do something that I enjoy wether it be hobbies or spending time with friends. In med school I feel like it’s easy to get wrapped up and not take time to smell the roses.
@LexDOesMedicine By being intentional about setting time aside for myself and the things I enjoy.
@mackhalemed Make time for the gym and poetry!
@MariaAl53214575 By catching up with family after a long day of studying!
@MarissaRose1411 By doing meditation and yoga to center myself 🙂
@mckaylamariah I love myself by giving myself grace. I don’t know everything right now and that’s okay. I have the ability to learn and grow as a student and I will put my best foot forward to do that.
@MedicDO_Z Taking a long walk with my dog at least 3x a week – it’s good for both of us!
@Meza_Seb Making time for the things That bring me joy. Things like cooling a home-made meal, watching a movie, going for a good run!
@MinaliNemani absolutely love nature walks
@MRSAmaster Making time for the small things that bring me happiness outside medicine. Reading, family, friends. Not feeling guilty for taking time for myself.
@NemaniSonia I love myself by reminding myself that I am where I belong and the work I’ve put in to be here should not be forgotten!
alexisgademsey A red velvet latte from my favorite coffee shop ☕️♥️
@RameyCaleb Drinking a cold Pepsi
@RealDocParker I reward completing certain phases of School or individual achievements, such as a board exams, with a pair or two of Figs Scrubs.
@RealJoshDimond I love myself by taking time to turn off from medicine and studying to do something else that I enjoy, like cooking dinner for my wife and daughter. 🙂
@RforRaya By not letting expectations (whether mine or other’s) affect or define my life experiences.
amy___win eating out with my sister and letting her pay
@SlayerCries I stay connected to those who care about me throughout the day.
@StudentDocSH I made a sticky note that has seven things that bring me joy:
#7: going to the movies alone
@SydneyGrubb24 By cuddling up with a cup of tea, a fantasy novel, and my puppy after a long day of rotations
@tyreese__11 Playing Golf!
@TysonHillock Write poetry and play guitar
_sam.jacobson Taking the time to call family!
@AlexSherFNPtoDO Remembering why I started this DO journey.
@f1_Elsa I love myself by giving myself enough time to connect with those I love and with nature. Spending time outdoors is how I recharge and release stress.
@gfarabeeDO order takeout haha
@I_am_Lisha I love myself by listening to my body and giving myself a break so that I can recharge and come back stronger.
anastasiaglaz A hike followed by a matcha latte, croissant, and flowers
@keep_the_faith4 By making time to go on walks with friends!
@KiranPhuloria Spending time with my parents and finding new restaurants to explore!
@LexDOesMedicine By treating myself once a week to a “solo date”
@Martinez12Vic During the week: sun, exercise & chipotle During the weekend: quality time w/ friends, family, and sports
@RealJoshDimond By constantly reminding myself to treat myself with the same kindness and respect with which I treat my patients.
@SlayerCries I spend time with the people who care about me as often as I can
@StudentDocSH #6 spontaneous road trips
24_arodriguez By making time to spend with my significant other ❤️
abbyyoss Taking time for self care! Mini spa nights, doing my nails, praying, all that good stuff!
acbeltrami Trying to get fresh air and/or sunlight daily!
adrizzles Trying new food or just treating myself to good food!
alex_wilson98 sleeping!
alexis.de.lacy Making nutritious meals with my husband!
alexisgademsey Buy myself fresh flowers! ☺️
allegra777artis Spending time with my husband and daughters and making sure I give myself some grace.
alysonrosehill Skin care routine!! @lauren_yorkie
amundafam Buying any food or things I want bc I deserve it!
angelicag15 Going on date nights with hubby ❤️
anisarosee19 Taking care of my plants!
arysingam Carelessly belting out my favorite musicals
asdflisatran ‪I love myself by listening to my body and giving myself a break so that I can recharge and come back stronger.‬
ayaamist Calling family & friends to catch up
baby_seel Physical fitness is hugely important to me. Gym, soccer, yoga, every day no matter how busy with school!
beccashaneck Taking time to rest even with a busy schedule
bentonae I go to hot yoga 5x/week!
bro_itskira Listening to music or going on a run!
brooke_hightower15 Daily walks with my fur baby!
anhpho_flow dressing cute just because
cheystudiesmed Giving myself forgiveness when I fail in order to move on and do better 🙂
claireschu21 Playing with my dogs
desimnms By reminding myself that I’m doing my best
doctors_and_dumbells An episode of a favorite show to unwind
e.min.nem Watch a quick episode of The Mindy Project or New Amsterdam
eisengel I do cardio while studying and lift weights to clear my mind!
em.frack Date nights and sleeping in on saturdays!
emmaprill Spending time with my puppy and going to tutor some awesome elementary schoolers!
gabyfarabee sleepingggg
hannahmwhite_35 Giving myself permission to take a break
heyitshayat listening to music!
hisbrideandwhitecoat praying every day during 20 minute walk in dedicated for level 2 ❤️
its_mysonkim Treating myself by online shopping!
its_sarah_rae Long hot baths!
jasonyamashita Calling family
jaysteach Walks with podcasts for decompressing
jessbailey_ Exercise!
jking00 Going to therapy, working out!
jmichelle_mph Exercising
jodibaus Being active throughout the day! Taking the stairs, going to an exercise class, whatever I can do!
joynish going out to eeeaat
jryu13 Treating myself to boba
juliana_prov Working out and spending time with family 🙂
kaitlinjeniece I love to treat myself by buying my favorite meal and watching my favorite show!
kassey_ginelle Scheduling time to talk to my family 🙂
kaylaa__28 Baking
kristynrobling Hanging out with my friends!
kyleearthurs Taking time to eat a full meal
kyra_hara Listening to music / Positive self talk / Making time to be active
lancemaroki Comfort meals
lauraaaaisbell Taking a walk outside, especially with my friends!
lauren_yorkie @alysonrosehill doing crafts!!!
liz.mouw By working out or talking a walk outside when the weather is nice!
mackerrrrrr Going to the gym, face masks, and girls’ nights with my besties❤️
mariefzaki Reading my Bible and speaking to my family everyday no matter how busy my schedule is
mavard Getting out into nature! ❤️
maxmykhlyk Movies
meriah_parker Spending time with my puppy
miriummammen Giving myself permission to take a break and recharge without feeling guilty about it- hydrating, getting fresh air, skin care, reading, listening to music
mmallary Making time for myself everyday!
mooreamaguire Meditating every morning, and moving my body any way I can.
arjeanine_ I love myself by taking some time for meditation. It always helps reset my mind.
naheedyd I bought a motorcycle last year even though no one wanted me to! #treatyoself
nimanthi_kumara Taking time to talk to my friends and family
nutmeg_135 I celebrate my accomplishments big and small. They’ve all brought me to where I am today ☺️
paigemaertz by going to yoga!!!!
rakhi.mira Going to the movies every week with my best friend!
arysingam Making a cozy cup of tea and sitting out in the sunshine ☀️
ruthieawarren Taking a walk every day for my mental health
asdflisatran Self-care! I treat myself to a delicious Starbucks coffee, take my dog on a walk, and do a face mask at night
keep_the_faith27 Having a glass of wine and watching reality tv!
ashleyyengbrock Going fishing!
sarah.amaris Getting massages regularly, my new form of self care!
scrambled.megggs I take a study break with @sarariley7 @jpak313 @puppybearmuggsy @snehal__garg
shaafaeh Taking care of myself mentally and physically
shantasiat_ Implementing self-care in my daily routine by reading books, exercising, & praying.
speci4l_k Meditating‍♀️
student.doctor.shirli Cooking a delicious meal
sulbaee Assuring myself that it’s ok to take a step back and plan/do activities that bring me joy.
t_rawwthetaylor Buying Starbucks on fridays
v.ortegas Playing with my pup, catching up with my family and SO, and going for a run!
ayaamist After a day of lectures and studying I like to care for my body by exercising. I usually do a 2-3 mile run just listening to music and being grateful for how my body and brain help me to accomplish my goals!
yendys_rose A little music as I study
zainabbb97 Spending time with family and friends!
@karenbbarcenas Spending time with family, exercising and drinking coffee
bobby.mcfarling I find value in myself beyond medical school. I cook to express myself and show love to my friends and family. I cook to remind myself that I am something more than a test, a score, or student.
cduechle33 “Add to cart”
cheyness4lyfe Talk to my dog for 30 minutes a day.
dr.lidoodles I go on a solo hike to catch the sunset, filling my lungs with fresh air and touching grass
@SlayerCries Taking time off when I need it so I can do better when I come back
@K_Stephen03 Playing in a basketball league
@keep_the_faith4 Watching the Bachelor!
@RealJoshDimond I make sure to sleep in on the weekend when I’m not at the hospital.
@whitfignewton Keep putting time into my hobbies outside of school/the classroom – I make sure I paint at least twice a month!
eisengel Work on my hobbies! Nothings more cathartic than training Brazilian jiujitsu after a frustrating day
@KiranPhuloria Spending time with my friends and baking cookies!
@ATSU_SOMA_LE I talk to my friends about life.
@I_am_Lisha Rewatching my favorite Rom Com!
@SoumyaSidana Exercise, Netflix Documentaries, and hoping on a flight to somewhere new whenever possible! #LYSCOMSAE
goldenjared17 I love playing Pac-Man, it takes my mind off everything but the ghosts
hi_brianna__bye Binge watching The Vampire Diaries for the millionth time. … Nothing like a good comfort show when everything else is full chaos.
egyptiantacos I honor my body by making the time to go to crossfit classes with my friends at least 4 times a week and my mental and spiritual health by attending therapy!
nutmeg_135 I try to find new places to eat whenever I can. Nothing’s better than finding a new favorite spot to hang out with friends and enjoy good food ☺️
saraajohnson Cooking dinner!
cballen_10 By taking time to go on a walk with my wife and dog
vishalii_k Spending quality time with family and friends!
kendylcopp Cooking myself a good meal
mmallary Watching Netflix shows!
lilsoph_16 Going on hikes or trying out new coffee shops!
mackerrrrrr Always have a good breakfast before starting my day
hisbrideandwhitecoat by making time to cook homemade Mexican food and creating fun reels for my instagram channel! Not only does it remind me of my mom’s cooking ( living over 3,000 miles away from her thanks to medical school). this reminds me that there shall be light at the end of this tunnel… one day very soon 🙂
bhumi_patel04 Morning Coffee and a nice outdoor walk
kyleearthurs By taking a nice stroll with my pup and enjoying nature!
mijitaa Naps, snacks and laughs!
mostlymilly Allowing myself to say “no” and focusing on things that make me happy
sarahbeach57 taking a walk outside ☀️☀️
ankita101 spending time with family and friends!
caitlincosby Working out!
barcenaskaren Spending time with family, exercising & coffee
adrizzles Reflecting on how far I’ve come!
jazcam_04 Learning new musical instruments! I played piano for a long time and now I’m looking forward to learning how to play the bass
jessi.lee.peters Mini yoga sessions in the morning to combat my study posture
cduechle33 Taking a nap
kristynrobling Working out!!
heyitshayat scrapbooking!
lannfisch Exercising and eating healthy! ️‍♀️
claireschu21 Taking naps
_sam.jacobson Sleeping in on the weekends!!
kkellisisland Spending time with family and friends!
sarahkdale Doing my best and accepting that it won’t be perfect ❤️
kiley_flynn_ Finding time to go to the gym and talk with family and friends
amytran2901 Staying in bed all day on my day off
jessiebarkhouse Taking care of my plant babies – if I can figure out how to keep my succulents alive, then I believe I can figure out how to keep some of these prickly patients alive too
lexi_brez Cooking for myself!
amy___win Dedicating time to the gym and my night skincare routine
kyra_hara Listening to music
shelby.j.terrell Spending time with my pup!!
_meggaan I love myself by taking time away from school and practicing self care
hachaelrolmes Going on walks by the ocean on nice days and spending time with family and friends!
jmichelle_mph Brunch
andrea_sparkman Spending time with loved ones and eating some good food!
alysonrosehill I love myself by always taking time to game
naaaptural_ Finding time for my hobbies: singing, painting and shopping
joynish hanging out with my younger sisters so i can pretend to be a kid again
alexis.de.lacy Cuddling my cat!
nimanthi_kumara Setting time aside each day to do something fun
impuertoricanok Going to the gym!!!
hannahmwhite_35 Go see a concert or a movie. You can always plan studying around an event you want to go to
jking00 Going to therapy!
bentonae I take walks with my dog and partner!
medwithkirun Working out!
mntan Going on a hike!
jourdanstaffier Taking my cat outside on her leash
rozziebloch Spending time with friends and family
zainabbb97 Spending time with family and friends!
paigemaertz by working hard in school to set myself up for a fulfilling and successful future
kaitlinjeniece Phone calls with family ❤️
jasonyamashita Playing songs I love on the piano
v.ortegas Making sure I eat a yummy balanced meal
brooke_hightower15 I love myself by attending group fitness classes with friends!!
jazcam_04 Going out for a run especially on a beautiful day‍♀️
sulbaee Make time in my schedule to workout.
katieburd198 Allowing myself to have hard days but also recognizing the many good days in between❤️
jessbailey_ Taking time to prepare meals
acbeltrami By working out at least 5 times a day
mom_in_med Sleeping and going on trips 🙂
yajtooj23 By eating tamales and watching ER.
juanito22121995 Spending time with my family!
tysonhillock Coffee and a book before I start my day
mariefzaki By doing the best I can in everything I commit to
tahlyn_miller Exercising and watching Netflix before bed!
narmisk I love going for a walk and just checking out of technology for a bit
jessiebarkhouse Taking walks with my rescue puppy
kyra_hara Finding time to be outside
jo_with_the_flow_ I love myself by attending cyclebar classes with friends!
kaitlinjeniece By speaking kindness and truth over myself. Self talk is so important!
bbyyoss Taking the time to talk to my mom every day for the love and encouragement and support!
karepearfalls showing myself forgiveness
k_goforth Calling my family
bro_itskira Calling my friends and family!
ruxandra.andriescu Making sure to minimize time around negative people and influences
asdflisatran Rewatching my favorite rom com! ❤️
ellielov3 Reading a good book
its_mysonkim Going on a walk with friends ‍♀️
alexisgademsey Yoga and stretching ‍♀️‍♀️
zaronahang Hanging out with friends
sgrinstead18 Playing with my doggies
mcamendez Spending time with @rach_stephens_
paulqtvu Get a good workout in
magicgirl.jpg Daily stretches
dixiechicky Reality TV >>>
anhpho_flow Hot tub soaks post-workout
kvinso11 Good hygiene and long walks with my dog!
naheedyd Learning a new dinner recipe tonight, Swedish meatballs.. fingers crossed I do a better job on this than my last exam
24_arodriguez Spending time reading fantasy novels
brookeblan_ Exercising!
kassey_ginelle Taking some time to read my book at night! Reading became a new hobby for me in med school and I love it now 🙂
bethanymariak i invest time in my morning and nighttime skin care
kat__rhodes Empowering someone, even if just to left that person feel heard. Especially when I want to isolate. That feeling of human connection gives me purpose and takes me out of my head, and the stress I felt before doesn’t seem so intimidating.
varsh.swamy Spending time outside and + not feeling guilty for sleeping early!
wonder.pho Jamming out to K-pop between sets‍♀️
ashleyyengbrock Cooking for myself or going out and trying something I’ve never had before
medwithkirun Meditating and taking breaks!
nimanthi_kumara Setting aside time to read for fun in the evenings
kyleearthurs Taking time during the weekends to read novels for fun, or watching movies to unwind
liz.mouw By taking the time to talk to friends and family back home.
ankita101 planning fun things every once in a while to look forward to!
cballen_10 Getting up before the sun to give my day the best start that I can
gabyfarabee staying active
bro_itskira Making dinner and spending time with my friends!
kordikone Remind myself that academics don’t determine my self-worth and treating myself ice cream after an exam no matter what the result is.
arysingam Getting stronger at barre classes to get some movement in before long study days
naaaptural_ I like to find time for fitness classes like Zumba, Yoga or just going for a swim!
acbeltrami Making time to talk to family on the phone
keep_the_faith27 Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is how I love myself
kristynrobling Getting outside and enjoying nature!
_sam.jacobson Making time to go out to dinner with friends!
lawfulnoodle Playing DnD!
cheystudiesmed Getting outside regularly and being in the sun!
v.ortegas Allowing myself to take a guilt-free nap!!! Like I’m about to do after spending the morning in the OR
paigemaertz by taking myself out and trying a new restaurant in my city
loadingdrdre I love myself by dancing through the pain and laughing through the stress ❤️
magicgirl.jpg by taking a bath and not forgetting to exfoliate
maheen9730 I love myself by allowing myself time each day to decompress and think about 5 things I’m grateful for in that day! This helps me have a balanced and positive perspective
speci4l_k I always make sure to take time to eat dinner with my family and talk to love ones on the phone❣️
sarahbeach57 prioritizing getting adequate sleep
yajtooj23 By giving myself grace and permission to fail, but loving myself enough to learn from my failure.
hisbrideandwhitecoat I journal and read back on the things that cause me great joy or peace when times get tough ❤️
meschro1 Playing with my nieces and nephews❤️
llhi_im_paull Going on an adventure somewhere
kailee_wegehaupt Sleeping in on the weekends!
_ebward Taking walks outside and coffee with friends!
lilsoph_16 Catching up with friends and taking naps
mariefzaki Drinking coffee and reading my favorite book
mhmdchahrour Taking a break and relaxing
juanito22121995 Going for a walk to decompress!
naaaptural_ Spending time adjusting my playlists with my favorite music! (Soul, Neo-soul, R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap, Gospel, Jazz and even Bluegrass ☺️)
asdflisatran Getting my 10k steps in!
jasonyamashita Hiking and enjoying the beauty of nature around me
amy___win Im starting to listen to podcasts during drives to stay grounded and gain new perspective
alexis.de.lacy Always making the time to do my normal weightlifting routine ️‍♀️
claireschu21 Hanging out w my puppies.
alysonrosehill Cuddling with my fur babies
amneahc Prioritizing sleep and working out
naheedyd I taught my fiancé occipital-atlantal release so he can do it for me when I get a headache, because even we deserve some good OMT time to time!
brooke_hightower15 Cook dinner and try new recipes with my fiancé ❤️
rozziebloch Working out
jmichelle_mph Taking a day off
notangelicangel Playing with my cats!
narmisk Reading a good book and getting lost in another world 🙂
brookeblan_ taking a dip in the hot tub and relaxing with my fiance!
aiyana58 Going to a barre class ‍♀️
jazcam_04 Exercising at the gym
jessbailey_ Spending time outside
kyra_hara Making time to play pickleball with friends
sabrinab1799 Exercise and hobbies like singing 🙂
seanlee118 Eating pasta with family
joynish by trying to win giveaways so i can save money
kendylcopp stretching and exercising
thomas.sam Reading a good book!
lancemaroki Scheduled days off studying
lauraaaaisbell Sleeping in every once in a while!
eisengel Meditate
24_arodriguez Going to yoga classes! ‍♀️
megamazing17 Making my sleep a non-negotiable
uh_maize_ing Going to Pilates classes and taking relaxing baths!
anhpho_flow facetiming an old friend to catch up on life~
mackerrrrrr Scheduling at least 5 min a day for some “me time”
nutmeg_135 Rest my brain when it’s tired either by watching a show, listening to music, or going to bed early!
dixiechicky Grabbing a bite of something sweet!
paulqtvu Playing the piano
r2woo2 I enjoy doing puzzles, whether they be jigsaw or Rubik’s cubes or riddles
foggyreminiscence Vinyasa yoga to start the day 🙂
@LexDOesMedicine I Make it a priority to go to the gym once a day to get those endorphins flowing
@SlayerCries I don’t overwhelm myself with the amount of information I try to take in at once.
nutmeg_135 I give myself permission to not be productive 100% of the time. Listening to a podcast, cooking a new recipe, discovering new music, just taking time to breathe and enjoy life
princessmegd I love myself by taking care of my body (walks, yoga, new fitness classes), mind (learning medicine, meditation, leisure reading, new languages, journaling) and spirit (faith, positive self-talk, gratitude, fostering friendships).
@gfarabeeDO staying active
@Hdpeterson19 The first 2 hours of every day, I am the priority. My wife and I go to the gym and start the day off taking care of ourselves!
@Din0_AL Take some time and realize that as a student, we are still learning and growing. It’s OK to not know everything.
@zach_rol427 Rock climbing!
@I_am_Lisha Getting my daily 10k steps in!
@faizandfurious I try to be the best version of myself that I can be. Working out and studying every day balances my physical and mental needs so I can appreciate who I am. #LYSCOMSAE
@RealJoshDimond By making sure I keep my body and living environment clean. Self care involves more than just treating yourself, the basics are important too.
r2woo2 Cooking house dinners with my roommates and my bf like homemade kbbq/hotpot, Korean soups and dishes, and Vietnamese noodles
@fryettesrules By hiking with my dog or read on my couch next to the fireplace.
@mshllhmd cooking good food to nourish my body and soul
@gfarabeeDO playing with my cat
ravist Living life in truth and authenticity, guided by love, and supported by forgiveness. To love one’s self truthfully, would mean to love others no differently.
@LexDOesMedicine By cooking myself a good comfort meal and watching a few episodes of my favorite reality tv show!
reni.gandhi37 Sometimes… I just pack my bags and go for a weekend away to explore coffee shops
@StudentDocSH learning to make latte art
@AkinchitaKumar I like to cook & bake
@whitfignewton make sure I move intentionally every day whether it’s a hard workout or just a walk around the block. makes a huge difference!
@RealJoshDimond By giving myself a day off from studying, whenever possible, each week to spend with my wife and daughter.
@SlayerCries Prioritizing sleep even when it means a little less study time.
@mckaylamariah I like to take time to be with my family! It means a lot to have a solid support network throughout medical school!
@curiouskathy98 by binging netflix shows after a big final
@zach_rol427 Take time at the end of each day to reflect about the good parts of my day.
@StudentDocSH painting little blueberries for my sister
@chivajuan22 Getting plenty of sleep!
kyleearthurs Taking time to go to the gym! It always helps me feel less stressed which allows me to refocus on my studies
arjeanine_ Going on a walk! Fresh air and sunshine always reenergize me.
meschro1 Making dinner with my fiancé. Time together plus we have to eat!
baileymckinney_ Going on stress relief walks while listening to podcasts ☺️
sulbaee Going on a run! Whether it’s 30 minutes or an hour any bit is a great reset!
jasonyamashita Spending time reading my Bible and praying every morning
kaitlinjeniece I favorite way to self care is to take a relaxing bath and watch my favorite show.
naaaptural_ Find time to spend with family and friends either at my apartment or a night out for dinner
keep_the_faith27 By taking time to rest and reflect on the week and splurge on a something sweet to end the week on a high note!
ellielov3 Spending quality time with my parents
bro_itskira By spending time catching up with my loved ones!
briski_nino taking a walk and getting that sunlight!!
reni.gandhi37 Watching sunsets! ❤️
brooke_hightower15 Taking care of my fur baby and making time to exercise!
ritaa_der Laying in bed for hours on end and not feeling terrible about it
bro_itskira By spending time catching up with my loved ones!
ankita101 taking naps!
nimanthi_kumara Cooking dinner and watching a movie
adrizzles Taking an evening to unwind and relax, whether it be after an exam day or in preparation for a crazy week!
paigemaertz going to a local coffee shop with a hood book for a study break
jourdanstaffier watching scary movies with my husband!
thesandycbass Getting in some sort of exercise, challenging my mind with some anki, and watching some reality tv!
arysingam Tapping into my creativity by cooking, beading, or dancing
marvaraa reading a book or talking to loved ones; taking time out for hobbies
cballen_10 Yoga to relax my mind and reward myself for my hard work
g_r_a_c_e_c_h_e_n reading romance novels
r2woo2 I have little plants that I got since COVID and I like growing green onions in mason jars to green up the house!
_sam.jacobson Enjoying a latte every morning!
143charms I spend time with friends and family. Every day I call a family member
jmichelle_mph Cooking
vndanaaad painting as a way to relieve stress!
margaretkh_ Praying daily in Eucharistic Adoration! 🙂
ruxandra.andriescu Watching cute animal videos makes my heart happy
sarafina_112 Working on a fun art project!
medwithkirun Watching tv and reading!
kaitlyn.mcfar77 Treating myself to a diet coke from McDonalds even though I know water is better for you ☠️
swarnimadas Dancing the stress away! I love being able to move my body in a way that feels good and relaxing!
kkellisisland Reading!
jazcam_04 Snuggling with my pups
claireschu21 Going on vacation
dv_nemeth Writing in a Gratitude Journal ✍
notangelicangel Going for walks
amytran2901 Going out for a walk
mntan Coffee and Devotional time in the morning.
sarahbeach57 starting each day with a mug of tea
bobby.mcfarling I love myself by never giving up on me.
morganshumaker Calling someone I love everyday
amundafam Getting a massage to help my achy back
jessicaa_bui going to the gym
lilsoph_16 Painting/drawing and getting in touch with my creative side so I can unwind and not let myself be too hard on myself!
tysonhillock Write poetry and play guitar
acbeltrami Reading non medical books
joynish by refreshing my dm’s every day this week to see if the nbome told me i’ve won btw have y’all chosen winners every day already or will you be doing it at the end of this week?
hisbrideandwhitecoat Creating travel and wellness vlogs for my new YouTube channel !❤️
dr.lidoodles I remind myself that it’s going to be okay. Keep going and move on one step at a time
safurateeq Watch a Disney movie till the end
v.ortegas Being nice when I talk to myself ❤️‍ it’s a hard road and we tend to judge ourselves too harshly
alexisgademsey A nap with my weighted blanket
mackerrrrrr Face mask, eye mask, feet mask, hand mask, hair mask, just every type of spa mask to relieve stress lol
mom_in_med Napping and going on trips!
alexis.de.lacy Eating chocolate
cheystudiesmed I take myself out on little coffee dates as a way to treat myself while studying! ☕️
kristynrobling Reading a new book with a cup of tea!
jessbailey_ Plants and baking
vishalii_k Painting and reading!
yajtooj23 By playing my flute to allow for proper sublimation of stress through a creative outlet.
chrisalis97 Going out to eat with family
angelicag15 Binge watching Netflix shows on weekends
gabyfarabee petting my cat
zainabbb97 Spending time with friends and family!
naheedyd I’m open to sharing that I keep a mindfulness journal, because I believe it keeps me sane, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of battles with mental health
ashleyyengbrock Lighting a candle and watching ASMR
shantasiat_ Reading crime novels
24_arodriguez By baking my favorite treats for me and loved ones! ‍
megamazing17 Prepping nutritious food for the week to keep my body and brain well fed
brookeblan_ Calling my dad!
reni.gandhi37 Endlessly browsing my dream homes that I know I can’t afford
v.ortegas Expressing gratitude every day. For the person that I am, for where I am, for the people that I love and love me back, etc
eric_babb_do Make myself a handmade pasta dinner, a real comfort food
yajtooj23 By making sure I don’t allow myself to compromise the three pillars that keeps me healthy: good sleep, good food, and good exercise
wonder.pho taking time to water my lil plants
joe_the_tree By putting God, my wife, and children before work!
gbnska I call my family and friends. They motivate me more than anyone else!
dannywlevy By trying to win free comsaes cmon give it to me
magicgirl.jpg Discovering new eating places by the end of the week!