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Match 2023: By The Numbers

DOs See Another Record-Breaking Match Day

More than 8,104 DO seniors and graduates participated in the 2023 National Resident Matching Program Main Match on March 17, with 7,132 matching into PGY-1 positions.

The NBOME applauds the extraordinary success of DO seniors who achieved a 91.6% match rate – the highest NRMP match rate on record.

DO seniors and graduates matched into a broad range of different specialties at institutions across the country.

“The 2023 Main Residency Match proved once again to be a highly successful Match with outstanding results for participants. We were excited to see the record number of primary care positions offered in this year’s Match and how the number of positions has consistently increased over the past five years, and most importantly, the fill rate for primary care has remained steady,” says NRMP President and CEO Donna L. Lamb, DHSc, MBA, BSN. “For the past 70 years, the NRMP has been proud to play a part in helping physicians transition into residency training and begin careers serving their patients and community.”

Congratulations to all who matched in the NRMP match as well as other match programs (e.g. military match) and best wishes for continued success on the Road to DO Licensure!

Match by the Numbers:

7,132 of DO seniors/grads matched.

146 more DO seniors matched than 2022.

41% increase of total DO match over the last 5 years.

Increases in DO senior match rates by specialty were seen in:

About the NBOME:
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Renee Cree, MA
Director for Communications