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Match 2022: You’ve Matched, Now What?

An RPD provides advice to fourth-years awaiting residency

By now, most DO students have learned where they will be going for their residencies, and have just a few weeks left until graduation. They have just a few weeks more until they begin the next phase of their careers.

What should osteopathic medical students do during this time to prepare for July 1?

Heather Sankey, MD, MEd, Ronald T. Burkman Endowed Chair and interim ob-gyn residency program director at UMass Chan Medical School—Baystate, says first and foremost, take some time for yourself and enjoy the achievement of graduating from osteopathic medical school and matching to a residency.

“It’s good to take a little time off to refresh and have fun,” she says.

As residency draws near, Sankey says students should brush up on their basic skills, such as knot-tying, catch up on the latest readings in their specialty (for example, from the American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians if one is going into ob/gyn), take a skills course for residency (if one is available), and get all of their training, prep, and paperwork done early.

She also says to consider things like finding resources for pet care, getting preventive health checkups, and working on a plan to fit in exercise and healthy eating.

“These students are about to transition into a profession with huge responsibilities for patient lives that will be very intense for 4 years,” she says. “They need to get ready.”

Tactics such as these will help DO students hit the ground running when they begin their residencies.

Once DOs begin their residencies, the NBOME recommends waiting at least six months to take Level 3. For more information, visit https://www.nbome.org/assessments/comlex-usa/comlex-usa-level-3/.