COMAT Remote-Proctored



In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBOME offered the self-proctored delivery option in 2020. Although this was effective, COMs expressed concerns over examination security and administration consistency. In response, the NBOME partnered with its strategic supplier, Internet Testing Systems (ITS) in developing a live person remote-proctored delivery option. For the 2021-2022 COMAT testing cycle, there are now three COMAT administration options to provide flexibility in location and proctoring to address COM’s assessment needs: in-person, remote-proctored, and self-proctored. The remote-proctored delivery option was implemented on 9/15/2021.


The remote-proctored delivery option:

  • Zoom-like virtual monitoring of exams by COM proctors
  • Balancing exam security and convenience
  • Robust training for COM proctors
  • Enhanced registration process
  • Different examination day process
  • Proctor and students communicate by the integrated chat/texting feature
  • Proctor can pause the examination at any time
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