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2018 Item Writer and Case Author Award Winners

January 28, 2019

The NBOME is pleased to recognize the 2018 Item Writer and Case Author of the Year award winners from its distinguished National Faculty. Throughout the year, this group of individuals graciously volunteered their time and expertise to contribute to the COMLEX-USA and COMAT examination programs.  In addition to their professional roles, these volunteers wear a variety of hats – writing and reviewing test items, serving as physician examiners for the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE, and supporting the NBOME mission to protect the public through competency assessment.

Each year the NBOME Board selects the best-in-class item writers and case authors among a large group of contributors. Congratulations to these esteemed awardees for their exemplary commitment in producing valid and high quality examination content.


2018 COMLEX-USA Level 1 Item Writer of the Year: Jonathan D. Auten, DO, FAAEM, FACEP
Jonathan D. Auten, DO

Dr. Auten is the associate program director for the emergency medicine residency program at the Navy Medical Center in San Diego, California. He joined the National Faculty in 2017, and has been a significant contributor to the COMLEX-USA Level 1 examination.  “I am extremely grateful to my colleagues on the case development and item writing committees. I’ve grown as a medical educator and deeper in my understanding of servant leadership while working with each of you. It has been a true privilege to be part of the NBOME family,” said Dr. Auten.



2018 COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE Item Writer of the Year: Brett S. Stecker, DO
Brett S. Stecker, DO

Dr. Stecker is the medical director at Tristan Medical in Raynham, Massachusetts. He has been highly involved with the NBOME, contributing to clinical decision-making (CDM) cases, item writing, and serving on several examination committees. Dr. Stecker is experienced in working with the COMLEX-USA Levels 1, 2-CE and 3 examinations, and was previously awarded Item Writer of the Year in 2016.



2018 COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE Case Author of the Year: Maurice W. Oelklaus, DO, FAAFP
Maurice W. Oelklaus, DO

Dr. Oelklaus is associate dean for clinical affairs/clinical skills at Trinity University School of Medicine in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been involved in the National Faculty since 2014, and specializes in the COMLEX-USA Levels 1 and 2-PE examinations. Dr. Oelklaus specializes in family medicine, and is an important contributor to the Level 2-PE examinations as a SOAP Note Rater.



2018 COMLEX-USA Level 3 Item Writer of the Year: Megan Krease, DO, MS

Megan Krease, DO

Dr. Krease is a pediatrician at All Children Pediatrics in Lousiville, Kentucky. She has been a member of the National Faculty since 2016, and has contributed many items to both the COMLEX-USA Level 3 exam, as well as the pediatrics portion of the COMAT Clinical examination.




2018 Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) Case Writer of the Year: Teresa M. Kilgore, DO, FACOI
Teresa M. Kilgore, DO

Dr. Kilgore is discipline chair for internal medicine and associate professor for clinical medicine at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Carolinas Campus. She has been a member of the National Faculty since 2013, and is a significant contributor to CDM cases in COMLEX-USA Level 3. “It’s been a pleasure to see the CDM concept come to fruition as part of the COMLEX 3 exam. It takes months of hard work on the part of many people to refine the cases, key features and questions, but this group makes it worthwhile for me,” said Dr. Kilgore.



2018 COMLEX-USA Preventative Medicine/Health Promotion (PMHP) Item Writer of the Year: Jason T. Eberl, PhD
Jason T. Eberl, PhD

Dr. Eberl is a professor of health care ethics and director of the Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics at St. Louis University, in St. Louis, Missouri. A valuable addition to the National Faculty since 2017, Dr. Eberl’s expertise on medical ethics, jurisprudence and professionalism have been important in developing the COMLEX-USA Level 3 examination. “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the NBOME as an item writer in the area of Ethics and Jurisprudence and to continue participating in the formation of future osteopathic physicians,” said Dr. Eberl.


2018 COMAT Item Writer of the Year: Katherine A. Mitzel, DO, FACEP
Katherine A. Mitzel, DO

Dr. Mitzel is the associate dean for curricular integration and faculty development, as well as an associate professor at the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University. A member of the National Faculty since 2014, Dr. Mitzel has been a significant contributor to the COMAT Emergency Medicine examination.




2018 COMAT Foundational Biomedical Sciences (FBS) Item Writer of the Year: Rebecca L. Pratt, PhD
Rebecca L. Pratt, PhD

Dr. Pratt is a professor of anatomy in the department of biomedical sciences at the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. She has been a member of the National Faculty since 2014, and has been a key contributor to COMAT FBS and COMLEX-USA Level 1 examination items. “What a HUGE honor! I am humbled! I get better every year that I write, edit and review because of my amazing colleagues at the NBOME. The environment fosters collaboration and creativity,” said Dr. Pratt.