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COMAT Clinical Subjects  |  Sample Questions & Preparation

The COMAT practice exams are designed primarily to assist the candidate in navigating through the examination and to facilitate the actual testing experience. They are not designed to provide a score or information about how you might perform on the exam.

When an answer choice is selected, it will not be recorded for scoring and will not be saved once another item is viewed. Tracked answers must be recorded separately. A special function, unique to the practice exam, is provided that allows the candidate to view the correct answer for each item by clicking the “Show Answer” button located below the answer choices.

COMAT practice examinations are available to provide candidates an actual testing experience. You will find the practice exams in the links below under Practice Examinations. Approved faculty of subscribing and prospective COMs may also request to take a sample COMAT subject examination.

Practice Examinations

Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine
Internal Medicine
Osteopathic Principles and Practice

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