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Recognition of COMLEX-USA for Osteopathic Medical Licensure in Australia

September 17, 2020

PHILADELPHIA, PA.  The National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME), an independent, nonprofit organization who provides testing for osteopathic medical licensure, is pleased to share news that the Medical Board of Australia recently established a new pathway for osteopathic physicians to become registered to practice medicine in Australia.

Referred to as Category G UNITED STATES National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME), this new pathway enables US educated DO applicants who have passed all levels of COMLEX-USA (including the Level 2-Performance Evaluation/clinical skills exam) and completed at least two years in a residency training program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and/or by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) to apply for provisional registration for medical practice in Australia. The evaluation by the Medical Board of Australia included a robust and comprehensive review of the COMLEX-USA examination series, including NBOME’s high standards for quality assurance in areas such as validity, reliability, defensibility and fairness. COMLEX-USA is the first international program to receive competency authority for medical licensure in 15 years.

“Australia joins all United States medical licensing boards in entrusting NBOME’s COMLEX-USA program in the medical licensing process, on the merits of the evidence and the rigor of the exam program,” said NBOME President & CEO, John R. Gimpel, DO, MEd. “This is exciting news for DOs, the osteopathic medical profession, and the patients and communities of Australia. Kudos and special thanks to everyone across the profession in the USA as well as in Australia who collaborated to make this a reality.”



About the NBOME
NBOME is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit assessment organization committed to protecting the public by providing the means to assess competencies for osteopathic medicine and related health care professions. NBOME’s COMLEX-USA examination series is a requirement for graduation from colleges of osteopathic medicine and provides the pathway to licensure for osteopathic physicians in the United States and numerous international jurisdictions.

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