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NBOME Celebrates NOM and IOH Week

April 15, 2019

Today kicks off an important week for the osteopathic community. National Osteopathic Medicine (NOM) and International Osteopathic Healthcare (IOH) Week. It’s a week to let your DO flag fly, to celebrate your osteopathically distinctive pride, and spread the word about DOs and their approach to medicine far and wide.

At the NBOME we have a number of events planned to help get the word out. From yoga sessions, and a company-wide game of osteopathic Family Feud, to free blood pressure screenings for our office building and community neighbors, it’s going to be a jam packed week.

Here are some ways you can engage those around you during NOM and IOH Week:

  1. Educate your patients. And help them more fully understand the osteopathic approach to care.
  2. Enhance your elevator speech. Are you able to easily articulate what osteopathic medicine is what makes it distinctive?  Honing your story will can help you communicate more clearly with not just your patients, but everyone in your life — from your friends, to your family, to your uber driver.
  3. Show Your DO Pride on Social Media by participating in the AOA’s DO Pride Photo Contest.

Stumped about crafting your elevator speech?  We’ll help you out a little bit with that one tomorrow. In fact, check back all this week for more articles about DO’s and how proud we are to play our own role in this unique profession.

Happy NOM and IOH Week from all of us at the NBOME!