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National Physicians Week and National Doctors Day: Reflecting on Challenges and Celebrating Successes

March 29, 2019

As National Physicians Week comes to a close on Saturday we’ve been giving a little extra thought to the incredible doctors in our lives. Their contributions, dedication and sacrifice are overwhelming especially as we consider the origins of National Physicians Week and its focus on mental health and wellness.

We at the NBOME are so very appreciative of the expertise and insight the physicians on our staff bring to our organization and are thrilled to mark National Physicians Week and National Doctors Day by delivering red carnations to the many doctors in our midst.


We hope you will also take a moment to recognize the physicians in YOUR life, whether they’re your friends, your colleagues, or your own care providers. Each, in their own way, is responsible for our health and wellness – and this is an opportunity to return the favor. Check in and ensure THEY are equally healthy and well — say thanks, offer a friendly hug (DOs especially love hugs), and share a few words of love and support for all they do!


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