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March 29, 2020
March 29, 2020

It was an historic Match Day for DO students and graduates. This year’s NRMP Main Residency Match was the largest on record, with over 40,000 applicants applying to positions in 5,048 programs across the US. Applicants in this year’s Match increased by 4.5% over last year to 37,256 available positions. On March 20th, 6,215 4th year osteopathic medical students and graduates who matched to PGY-1 positions learned where they’ll be spending the next three or more years in residency training programs in the specialty in which they’ll work.

NRMP President and CEO, Donna Lamb, DHSc, MBA, BSN, reported, “We are especially excited that the 2020 Match marks a milestone for the medical education community: The first Single Match for U.S. MD and DO senior students and graduates and the inclusion of DO senior students as sponsored applicants.”


The results of this year’s Match, the first Single Match under the single accreditation system, continue to trend positively for osteopathic graduates entering residency training. Despite being socially distanced and self-quarantined due to the COVID 19 pandemic, students, schools, programs, specialty societies and others held remote “Virtual Match Day” celebrations in observance of the highest number of DO seniors who matched to PGY-1 positions—5,968—at a rate of 90.7%, compared to a match rate of 80.8% for all applicant types. Applicants who did not match to a residency position participated in the Match week Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) to obtain one of 1,897 positions available. More DO applicants matched during SOAP, with data to be released in early May.

DO applicants in this year’s Match accounted for the largest increase in applicant groups — up by 19.2%, (1,153 applicants) and resulting in a 20.1% increase in DO seniors (up 1,103) compared to last year. Increased match rates for DO seniors ‒ up 2.6% from 2019 and up 13% from 2016 ‒ are especially impressive considering the increase number of applicants. The match rate for all osteopathic applicants (seniors plus prior graduates) also rose to 86.9%, up from 84.6% in 2019. Positive results by specialty include the 3 most popular specialty matches for DO senior applicants: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Emergency Medicine. Orthopedic Surgery and General Surgery results for DO seniors also showed significant increases.

NBOME President and CEO, John R. Gimpel, DO, MEd shared his congratulations with students, COMs, AACOM, the AOA and many others who contributed to the success of this year’s single Match, “This year’s Match highlights the opportunity for the betterment of quality care and clinical learning involvement in our nation’s GME programs and the patients and communities we have the privilege to serve.” Dr. Gimpel remarked about the equivalent manner in which US DO and MD seniors and graduates are included in the NRMP Match reports, infographics and other communications. For more on the Match 2020 results, follow NBOME social media or read DO student Match stories here. Additional details about this year’s NRMP outcomes, can be accessed in the NRMP 2020 Advance Data Tables.