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Big Data. Big Goals. Big Challenges. 

April 5, 2019

A little bit of art. And a whole lot of science. Both elements have been woven deep into the DNA of the NBOME and our portfolio of assessments since our start 85 years ago. The study of evidence, validity, reliability and defensibility – the science, is met with the art of assessment.

Of course it’s not the volume of data, but what organizations do with it that truly matters.

Hundreds of thousands of data elements are shared securely between the NBOME and UME and GME institutions. Routinely, the data we collect is leveraged internally to enhance the precision of our test development processes, our quality assurance standards, and our commitment to high standards in assessment.

We are also acutely aware of how our data is utilized by those around us — specifically when it comes to the path to osteopathic medical licensure. In addition to using data for student and resident assessment and promotion, national standardized assessment data related to COMLEX-USA, COMSAE, and COMAT is frequently used to enable continuous improvement in curricular approaches and clinical learning environments.

With Big Data comes Big Responsibility. 

To promote responsible use of COMLEX-USA scores, the NBOME recommends those who use this data develop a strong understanding of what the examinations measure, how standards are set, what the scores mean, and how they may correlate to performance in residency and practice.

With heightened awareness of the implications big data has in our universe, we are tremendously proud of our role in helping to ensure licensed DOs are qualified to care for patients by passing valid, evidence-based assessments designed specifically for osteopathic medical practice — all of which is backed up by extensive (big) data-driven decision-making.