Percentile Scores

NBOME does not report percentile scores in candidates’ score reports. Upon the completion of a testing cycle, percentile scores are estimated and can be accessed using the Percentile Conversion Tool. The Percentile Score Conversion Tool converts standard scores into percentile scores for computer-based COMLEX-USA Level 1, Level 2-CE, and Level 3.

Percentile Score Converter

How To Find Percentile Scores
  1. Open the Percentile Score Converter
  2. Enter your 3-digit standard score into the respective field
  3. Select the examination level being converted using the drop-down menu options
  4. Select the date taken of the examination using the drop-down menu
  5. Click the ‘CONVERT’ button
  6. The numbers appearing to the right will be the corresponding percentile scores.

The value calculated by the Percentile Score Converter is the percentile rank in relation to other candidates who took a particular Level examination for the first time, during the same testing cycle.  Percentile scores provide normative information about the relative rank of candidates’ performance in comparison to others who took the examination within the same testing cycle. Percentile scores are dependent on the population of candidates for a given year; therefore standard scores for a given Level examination may correspond to different percentiles for different testing cycles.

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