3 Easy Ways to Make #VirtualMatchDay Memorable

March 15, 2020

Even though Match 2020 events have been canceled to contain the spread of COVID-19 and help flatten the curve, that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate this huge achievement in a big way. Let’s keep the wave of DO support and #MATCH2020 positivity going this week! Here are some ideas:


  1. Take your celebration online. Post an Instagram story of your at-home letter-opening ceremony and use the cool frames provided by @AACOM_DO. To be seen and found, make sure you hashtag #VirtualMatchDay #DistanceMatch #Match2020 #MatchDay2020. And don’t forget to tag @NBOME for a repost!
  2. Get everyone together. Gather your extended family and friends online and video chat them about your huge accomplishment – they’ll be thrilled to get the chance to celebrate alongside you!
  3. Find your friends. Identify hashtags related to the specialty you matched into and join the conversation! #VirtualPathMatch, #PsychiatryMatch2020 #VirtualEmergencyMedicineMatch, etc.


We’re excited to see your posts and stories in the coming days. If you want to share a quote and a picture with us to be featured on our website and possibly in our social campaign, please email it to us at: komalley@nbome.org!

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