Protecting the Public by Providing the Means to Assess Competencies for Osteopathic Medicine & Related Health Care Professions

Everything we do is aimed at ensuring high quality assessment services for the osteopathic profession and related health care professions. We are proud of the valid, reliable and fair assessment tools that help ensure the public is treated by competent, caring healthcare professionals.


Global Leader in the Assessment of Osteopathic Medicine & Related Health Care Professions

As the leader in osteopathically distinctive assessment, we strive to advance the quality of assessments across the education, training, and practice continuum in osteopathic medicine and other healthcare professions.


Guided by our mission and vision, we remain true to our core values.

Patient Safety Our Primary Goal We pledge our priority to uphold the public's trust for safe and high quality health care from the individual patient to the global population
Integrity Doing The Right Thing, The Right Way We carry out our mission with actions, communications, and standards that are always honest, professional, and fair with the highest regard and respect for individuals
Accountability Owning Our Outcomes We are responsible and accountable for our behaviors, actions, and outcomes – we all own the success as one team and take personal and professional responsibility
Excellence Doing Our Best We strive to achieve the highest quality in our work, in our relationships and in our service – embracing change, and continuously improving and learning
Collaboration Working Together We operate as a team in a climate of trust, respect and cooperation toward each other, our constituents, and our partners


Achieving our leadership objectives through close membership and collaboration with key domestic and international organizations.


The public’s need for transparency and entrustability in ensuring safe, quality health care is driving increasing demand for assessment across the education, training, and practice continuum in osteopathic medicine, as well as in other health care professions. As a result, this environment provides unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the NBOME.

In an effort to expand the depth, breadth and pace of enhancements to assessment within the osteopathic medical profession and in other health care professions, the NBOME developed a new strategic plan -- ACEL.

ACEL will accelerate our mission of protecting the public through rigorous osteopathic medical testing while serving as our guide as we work toward becoming the global leader in  assessment services and products for osteopathic medicine and related health care professions.

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