Info for COMLEX-USA Candidates – Level 2-PE


The health and safety of our staff and candidates is of utmost importance to the NBOME. With this in mind and in order to carry out our mission of protecting the public, NBOME has extended our exam hiatus through April 18 and hope to resume testing on Monday, April 20. We apologize for the inconvenience this creates but ask for your understanding during this time of national emergency and uncertainty.

Our portal remains open to reschedule exams and the score release dates remain unchanged.  If you do not need examination results for graduation requirements in 2020, please look to reschedule your exam in the openings we have available for fall of this year. The NBOME is very aware of the need to have Level 2-PE results in a timely manner for rotation, residency application, and graduation requirements.  We are committed to assisting students as much as possible during this challenging time.

Once we return to normal operations, we will add increased exam sessions in an effort to provide as much opportunity to test during the high demand summer months.  We continue to monitor the situation daily and are looking to make informed decisions based on how the pandemic unfolds.  Thank you for your understanding during this stressful time.

For information on travel advisories or making changes to your current travel itinerary, please contact your airline or rail service directly.

We will continue to update this site as the situation evolves.  Please contact the NBOME directly if you have any additional questions or concerns.

P: 866.479.6828
E: ClientServices@nbome.org