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The NBOME mobilized efforts to create a new module, The Osteopathic Approach to Patients with Respiratory Infections. It is now available to osteopathic medical students, residents and other DOs and members of the healthcare community in a time of national and global public health crisis on our Learning Center. We have extended the introductory free offer of this module through October 31, 2020.

Much of the content provided, particularly regarding influenza pandemics, was prepared in relation to prior influenza pandemics (e.g., H1N1) and to assist learners and others in the osteopathic medical community with understanding potential opportunities to assist patients infected with respiratory pathogens.

This is a self-guided educational assessment program where participants can complete some or all of the module as desired. The first section, OMT for Patients with Respiratory Infections: Hands-on Treatment, can be completed on its own as a quick review of the step-by-step procedures.

The additional two sections are for those interested in the origin and history of the use of OMT in patients with respiratory infections and the research into how OMT has been studied to assist the patient as an adjunct to other evidence-based treatments, including antibiotics, anti-viral medications, other medical management, oxygen supplementation, etc. References are listed for your information. Finally, there is a 10-question self-assessment for those interested in a knowledge check.

Since the module was introduced, 1179 learners acquired the course, and 1054 of them completed it. Of these, 411 said they were somewhat likely to take another course on The Learning Center and 373 said they were very likely. Following the module, 820 learners also completed the program evaluation survey, 749 were students and 50 were DOs.

The module has relevant information for all—with both students and practicing physicians finishing the course. Users felt the course was an easy-to-use online format, educational, concise, well-constructed, and many enjoyed the OMT history it provided.

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