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85 Years of NBOME | Board of Directors Interviews

October 23, 2019
As we continue to reflect on our 85th anniversary, we discussed the most memorable achievements in the history of...

85 Years of NBOME | Staff & Collaborator Perspectives Part 2

October 15, 2019
Beyond the NBOME board, executive leadership, and even our 700+ member National Faculty, there are dozens of staff...

DO Becomes Chair-Elect of the ACGME Board of Directors

October 15, 2019
We are pleased to congratulate Karen J. Nichols, DO, former president of the AOA and vice chair of the Accreditation...

85 Years of NBOME | Key Stakeholders Q&A

October 10, 2019
In honor of the NBOME’s 85th anniversary since our founding, we sat down with some inspirational members of the...

85 Years of NBOME | Staff & Collaborator Perspectives Part 1

October 7, 2019
Beyond the NBOME board, executive leadership, and National Faculty, there are dozens of staff members and...

85 Years of NBOME | Women Leaders' Perspective

September 26, 2019
Sheryl Bushman, DO, served as our Chair from 2005-2007, overseeing a great investment in development for the board,...

NBOME Examination Updates

September 16, 2019
  COMLEX-USA  |  New Level 1 and Level 2-CE Exams Have Launched We are pleased to announce the completed...


August 1, 2019
PHILADELPHIA, PA. The National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME), an independent, not-for-profit...

American Osteopathic Association Installs Ronald Burns, DO, as 123rd President

July 29, 2019
The NBOME congratulates former board member Ronald Burns, DO, on his new appointment as president of the American...

Automated Test Assembly Using SAS Operations Research Software in a Medical Licensing Examination

July 25, 2019
Mathematical programming has been widely used by professionals in testing agencies as a tool to automatically...

Van Life Rocks: Dr. Elizabeth McMurtry and Emergency Medicine in the Pacific Northwest

July 25, 2019
In addition to sitting on our Board of Directors at the NBOME, and frequently contributing test items for COMLEX-USA...

The Road to COMLEX-USA

June 26, 2019
In 1989, the NBOME embarked on a journey to convert the NBOME Part I, Part II, Part II Examinations to the new...
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