CANDIDATE WELLNESS: Managing Stress and Anxiety on the Road to DO Licensure

January 29, 2020

“I love taking tests,” said nobody, ever.

And we agree.  We want you to know that we truly understand the extraordinary level of stress and anxiety that comes with COMLEX-USA—preparation, scheduling, taking the exam, and (the hardest part), waiting for your scores to be released.

It takes a lot of dedication, perseverance, and hard work to pass the COMLEX-USA exam series (we know they’re really difficult. It’s that way on purpose). As we all are aware, the stakes are high—these exams play a huge part in determining whether or not you become a practicing physician. As such, the pressure is even higher than normal. Completing these exams really means something—it means you know the material, you’re competent, and you believe in protecting the public—and that’s why you chose to become a DO in the first place, right?

To address this very special brand of stress and anxiety, we’ll be exploring a variety of wellness topics in a blog series during the coming months. In them, we will be talking about the important role that Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Mental Health, and Doing What You Love plays in helping support your overall health, (both mental and physical).

On the surface, these may sound like topics you already know and are fully aware of, but when applied the right way—that’s the powerful part.  You will learn what you can do, what you can do better, and even more importantly, what NBOME is doing to help you on your #RoadtoDOLicensure.

Stay tuned for our first blog in the series!

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