Match Stories

March 27, 2020

Match Day success stories from the archives as well as new stories from Match2020!


MATCH 2020


My Osteopathic education prepared me so well for a residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. I could not be more grateful for my school and the physicians who mentored me along the way.

— Nicolet Finger
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at UT Health San Antonio






The road to get here was surely a rough one, but nothing worth doing in life is meant to be easy. At the end of the day I had faith that my perseverance through the hard times would pay off, and today I found out that they did! To all the future physicians out there, NEVER GIVE UP. The world needs your healing

–Brynne Hunt
Emergency Medicine at Newark Beth Israel-Newark






I matched to my number one spot! I’ll be a family medicine resident at Saint Joseph Health System in Mishawaka, Indiana. I am so blessed to be able to be a DO and serve the community that raised me! Here is a picture of my cat and me celebrating during quarantine lol. We had a dance party!

— Jess Williams
Family Medicine at Saint Joseph Health System








I am so grateful to have trained to become an osteopathic physician. I matched into my number one choice for residency in internal medicine! Thankful for all my friends I made along the way and the physicians who mentored me!

— Jacob Baer
Internal Medicine at University of Kansas







I am able to fulfill my dream of being an emergency medicine physician! I am thankful to my school for all the opportunities afforded to me and the people in my life for support! Looking forward to being a DO in the emergency department.

–Michael Skaletsky
Emergency Medicine at Doctors Hospital Columbus, OH






With all the craziness that is going on right now, it was great to see how everyone rallied together to celebrate match day virtually. We have all worked so hard to get to this point and I love seeing all of our dreams become a reality.

–Amber Hartman
Pediatrics at SIU – Springfield, IL






At Cook County Hospital there’s a plaque that says: ‘One doesn’t ask of one who suffers, what is your country and what is your religion? One merely says you suffer. This is enough for me. You belong to me and I shall help you. – Louis Pasteur’ This philosophy aligns perfectly with the values we learn at CCOM. Proud to be a part of #DoctorsthatDo and match at my top choice!

–Palak Patel
Internal Medicine at Cook County





My DO medical education introduced me to mentors, clinical experiences, and a revitalized passion to assist struggling rural locales like my own hometown. I am over the moon about matching into my top choice in family medicine at at NH-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency in Concord, NH, which offers a rural track that I will carry with me for the entirety of my career in rural family medicine.

–Clare O’Grady
NH-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency




My osteopathic medical education provides a unique vantage point into mental health treatment. Residency program leadership also saw this as a valuable asset when assembling their incoming intern class. I am proud to be a DO and will utilize my experiences as a future research psychiatrist!

–Grace Sydney Pham
Psychiatry/Research at Baylor College of Medicine






I am beyond thrilled to have matched into Internal Medicine and cannot wait to begin my career as a doctor! The knowledge gained, the experiences lived, and the relationships formed throughout medical school will stick with me as I continue to grow as a physician. To all of my 2020 peers, we made it!

–Maxwell Horowitz
Internal Medicine at Mt. Sinai Icahn SOM St. Luke’s-West





I could not have picked a better medical school to grow and mature into a young doctor. I am thrilled to have matched into an OB/GYN residency at my top program, St. Luke’s University Health Network. I look forward to continuing to pave the way for other DOs! 

–Kathleen Ackert
OB/GYN at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Bethlehem






I think the key to getting a good residency is to go and audition at that location. If you can show programs a good work ethic, coupled with your unique osteopathic education, you might be surprised at how many doors can open up for you.

–Phillip Bennett
Pathology AP/CP at the University of Utah






Matching into my top choice residency is a dream come true! I am incredibly grateful for my medical school peers and physician mentors for helping me build self-confidence and supporting my intellectual, personal, and professional growth throughout this journey. 

–Priya Shah
Emergency Medicine at Duke University



I have loved every moment of this crazy journey through medical school, and I am eager to use the knowledge I have gained as an osteopathic medical student. A quote I once heard was “if you work hard, you’ll get lucky” and I am so lucky to have found a place among the amazing physicians who work in Family Medicine. I can definitely say they are my people! I matched at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and I can’t wait to begin the next 3 years of training.

–Megan Miller
Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Family Medicine at Wright State University




Beyond excited to match at Detroit Receiving for Emergency Medicine. I am extremely excited to be a DO in the Emergency Department.

–Rajiv Varandani
Emergency Medicine at Detroit Receiving





Attending an osteopathic medical school has equipped me with a unique skill set and has provided a one of a kind training experience that will be invaluable to my future role as a physician. The journey was challenging, but with faith, dedication, and support, I made it through! Always remember, your darkest and most difficult moments are never wasted; they simply prepare you for your destiny. I cannot wait to apply all that I have learned to serve and make a positive impact on my patients- the osteopathic way!

–Anna-Kaye Brown
Anesthesiology at Temple University Hospital


Incredibly humbled to be the only DO this year to match in Cardiothoracic Surgery I6. Prior to medical school, I worked as an LPN in Cardiac Surgery for 5 years ,while taking night classes dreaming of this day. Thank you very much to the AOA, AACOM, NBOME and WVSOM for all your support and giving this nurse an opportunity to realize his dreams.

–Jason Gilbert
University of Kentucky in Cardiothoracic Surgery





MATCH 2019

Don’t think of time spent studying for COMLEX-USA and COMAT exams as time lost. It’s an investment in your future career and in your ability to match into your specialty of choice.

–Jason Rodriguez, DO
Kettering Health Grandview Medical Center, Anesthesiology

Match can be intimidating, but being an active learner through research, conferences, volunteering, and working hard in preparing for COMLEX-USA, truly pays off.
I matched into my #1 choice!

–Alexandra Digenakis, DO
University of North Carolina, Emergency Medicine

Medical school and residency applications can cause you to doubt your abilities. Remember that hard work pays off.  Have faith in your abilities and push through. You are amazing and can achieve your dreams.

–Parth Gandhi, DO
Delaware Christiana Care Health System, Combined Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine

I matched into my #1 choice! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of new opportunities. Medical school is a time for personal and professional growth, and while grades are important, programs pay attention to other things too.

–Jordan Hauck, DO
Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliate Hospitals, Obstetrics and Gynecology

I was able to match into my #1 program! I’m thrilled to be joining the Georgetown team and pursuing diagnostic radiology in Washington DC!

–Matthew Bourne, DO
Georgetown University, Diagnostic Radiology

Work hard to shine during your sub-internships and interviews, but most importantly, be kind, positive, and a team player.

–Pauline Terbio, DO
University of Nevada Las Vegas, Emergency Medicine

When it comes to residency, the most important thing is to find the right fit for you. Something I considered important was finding a place where I would be happy training. I found some programs more welcoming than others, and I loved the one I ended up in!

–Tiffany Sinclair, DO
Franciscan Health Olympia Fields, General Surgery

Put 100% into everything you DO, and it will pay off. Studying hard and surrounding yourself with friends and family that support you is key — and got me where I am today.

–Khadija Farooq, DO
Presence St. Joseph Hospital, Family Medicine

I matched into my #1 choice! I was searching for a program that allowed me to incorporate my love for public health and community health. This one had it all!

–Khyrista Valentine, DO
Authority Health Residency Program, Pediatrics

As DOs, we think holistically. As residency candidates, we have to be the same. Be well-rounded on every part of your application: COMLEX-USA, extra-curriculars, volunteer experience, and who you are as a person.

–Kayla Prokopakis, DO
St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center, Emergency Medicine

I wanted to be somewhere that allowed me to help the community, and would also make me the best doctor I could be. All my dreams came true and I matched at my #1 choice!

–Hajiraj Ishaq, DO
Doctor’s Hospital Ohio Health, Emergency Medicine

My fiance and I were both going for the same specialty in the same year. We couples-matched in pediatrics and will move from being classmates to being co-interns. All of my hard work was worth it!

–Este Marks, DO
Oklahoma State University, Pediatrics

I’m very proud of my osteopathic medical training and COMLEX-USA best reflects this. It was important to me to find a program that valued my osteopathic roots as much as I do.

–Victoria Starr, DO
Beaumont Hospital Obstetrics & Gynecology

Keep your mind open and trust the process. You might be surprised sometimes what you want initially changes when you stay open to possibilities and explore new things.

–Joseph Schreiner, DO
Jefferson Health New Jersey Emergency Medicine

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