Exam Format

Each phase of COMSAE has 200 items, divided into four sections.

Phase 1, 2, and 3 Exam Outline
Section 1 50 questions Questions can be answered in a timed or untimed manner.
Section 2 50 questions
Section 3 50 questions
Section 4 50 questions

All items are multiple-choice items that are grouped by item type within each section. Stand-alone items appear first, followed by items clustered in cases.

Some items may have medical images as attachments. Sections are not based on content; all items are randomly assigned to sections.

Timing Modes

All Phases of COMSAE have two timing modes: Timed and Self-Paced and must be chosen before launching a test. Once examinees select one of the two timing modes, it cannot be changed.

  • Timed Mode: A maximum of four hours is allowed to complete the examination, similar to the suggested timing for COMLEX-USA. This mode provides an examinee with conditions as close as possible to those of COMLEX-USA and is associated with better outcomes.
  • Self-Paced Mode: Examinees can proceed at their own pace with no time limit per section.


COMSAE Technical Requirements

Please refer to this technical guide to ensure proper execution of the online exam on the computer. COMSAE is not intended for mobile devices.

Requirements Windows Mac
Operating System Windows 7 and higher Mac OS X 10.9 and higher
Supported Browser Internet Explorer 9* and higher Safari 7* and higher
Google Chrome 41 and higher
Mozilla Firefox 36 and higher
Google Chrome 41 and higher
Mozilla Firefox 36 and higher

*Internet Explorer and Safari are recommended

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