Examination Format

This content is for candidates who took the COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE before June 2019. Candidates taking the COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE beginning June 17, 2019 can view the new documentation here.

COMLEX-USA Computer-Based Examinations

The COMLEX-USA examinations are administered only in the English language in a standardized, time-measured environment to assess the candidate’s ability to interpret, process, and apply clinical knowledge and skills with fluency.

This is fundamental to a generalist osteopathic physician’s competence to practice osteopathic medicine. Passing Level 2 of COMLEX-USA is a requirement for medical school graduation and to begin a postgraduate medical education or residency training program.

The COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE examination consists of 400 multiple choice questions. During the day, two optional breaks can be taken: two 10-minute breaks and a 40-minute lunch break.

COMLEX-USA Computer-Based Examination Outline
SubsectionQuestionsMorning Section: 4 Hours Total Testing Time
150Questions can be answered, reviewed, and changed one subsection at a time. Individual subsections are not timed.
Authorized 10 minute break
SubsectionQuestionsAfternoon Section: 4 Hours Total Testing Time
550Questions can be answered, reviewed, and changed one subsection at a time. Individual subsections are not timed.
Authorized 10 minute break

Available Examination Features

Examination Review Screen
A review page is presented for each subsection. This provides candidates with information about the status of the items in the current subsection, which includes questions completed, questions marked for further review, and questions left incomplete (i.e., no answer is given).

Advancing through Examination Subsections
Once a subsection is completed, the candidate cannot return to review or change any answers within that subsection.

Time Limitations
Although each section is four hours in total, individual subsections are untimed. A clock is provided to assist with time management. Warnings are given of the time remaining before the end of each four-hour section.

Examination Visual References
Use of an “Exhibit” button may be required in order to see graphic materials related to a test question. These “Exhibits” consist of images, video or audio avatars. In some cases, two “Exhibits” may be used in order to answer a question.

Additional Tools
New functional features have been added, including a built-in standard calculator and lab values with reference ranges (where applicable) embedded directly into test questions and clinical cases. These features were made available during the COMLEX-USA 2017–18 new test cycles for each examination.

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