Percentile Scores

The computer-delivered COMLEX-USA does not report percentile scores at the time test results are released. The Score Conversion Tool allows COMLEX-USA score users to convert three-digit scores into percentile scores for computer-delivered COMLEX-USA Level 1, Level 2-CE, and Level 3 examinations after the testing of a year-long cycle is completed.

Percentile Score Converter

How To Find Percentile Scores
  1. Open the Percentile Score Converter
  2. Enter your 3-digit score into the first box
  3. Select examination level being converted from the drop-down menu options
  4. Select the testing cycle of the exam from the drop-down menu options
  5. The click the ‘CONVERT’ button
  6. The numbers appearing to the right will be the corresponding 2-digit percentile scores.

The value calculated by the Percentile Score Converter is the percentile rank in relation to other candidates who took a particular Level examination for the first time, during the same year-long testing cycle. 3-digit scores compared with other testing cycles may be converted into different percentile scores.

Candidates may find their percentile score is not available in this tool for some time after they have taken a COMLEX-USA computer-based examination. This is because percentile scores are based on all first time-takers for the entire testing cycle. Prior to the cycle being completed, percentile scores cannot be computed. To find the time ranges of testing cycles available, select an Exam Level from the pull-down list and the test cycle from the Date Taken pull-down list in the score conversion tool.

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