What to Expect on Examination Day

Candidates will be taking the examination at a Prometric Testing Center. NBOME and Prometric are dedicated to create a positive testing experience for candidates on examination day. The examination-day process has been established to protect the security and the integrity of the examination. Candidates should review test date procedures and guidelines and watch the video below to best prepare for the COMLEX-USA examination.

Testing at Prometric Centers

It is important to arrive at least 30 minutes before the examination appointment time. If arrival is within 30 minutes after the scheduled start time, entry may be permitted to take the exam at the sole discretion of the proctor or testing vendor, and only if the test center is able to deliver it in its entirety. If arrival at the test center is beyond the scheduled start time, the candidate will deem as a “No Show.”


Video Tutorial · Prometric Testing Center

What To Bring
What To Expect

For all breaks, the candidate will need to leave the testing room. Upon re-entry of the testing area, a valid ID must be shown and a fingerprint will be taken. It is important to allow sufficient time to check in and be seated. Any breaks in addition to the three optional breaks will be considered unscheduled and will be reported to the NBOME by the test center administrator.

If the breaks taken exceed the minutes allotted for the break, the additional time will count against the remaining time available to take the examination.  After the 40-minute lunch break, the afternoon examination session will begin, whether the candidate is seated at the workstation. The candidate may choose to forgo all or part of the optional breaks, but unused time will not be added to the examination time.

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