Score Release Dates ยท COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE

Score Release Dates are Predicated on Examination Completion Period

Score release dates are predicated on examination completion period. Typically candidates can expect to receive test results within eight to ten weeks after taking the examination.

The recommended minimum passing levels for each COMLEX-USA examination are reviewed periodically (typically, every 3-5 years) and may be adjusted at any time. Notice of such review and any adjustments are posted on the NBOME website. Score periods are occasionally extended to accommodate our standard setting review process but expedited scoring cannot not occur due to the quality assurance process that occurs in the scoring period.

Examination Dates Score Release Window
JULY 1-31, 2019 SEPTEMBER 3-9, 2019
AUGUST 1-31, 2019 OCTOBER 1-10, 2019
SEPTEMBER 3-30, 2019 OCTOBER 28 – NOVEMBER 5, 2019
OCTOBER 1-31, 2019 NOVEMBER 25 – DECEMBER 3, 2019
NOVEMBER 1-30, 2019 JANUARY 2-10, 2020
DECEMBER 2-31, 2019 FEBRUARY 3-10, 2020

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