COMAT FBS Targeted

Intended for first and second year osteopathic medical students, COMAT FBS Targeted exams assess student knowledge, skills and abilities related to a particular discipline or body system. Administered exclusively by colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMS), this targeted approach enables schools to dynamically customize their portfolio of exams to best meet evolving formative assessment needs.

Exam Blueprints


Learner Objectives

Based on the learner objectives outlined in the COMAT FBS Targeted exam blueprints, examinees will be required to demonstrate the ability to apply foundational content knowledge and clinical problem solving to situations and patient presentations encountered in clinical settings and in practice.


Exam Format

Every examination in the COMAT FBS Targeted series is offered in multiple forms.  All are psychometrically equivalent in content covered, level of difficulty, and reliability, allowing COMs to administer a given COMAT FBS Targeted exam multiple times per year.  Each exam has 62 items that must be completed within 1.5 hours.

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